Bella shows Ignacio her designs on Ambitions
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Stephanie closes the candy store, while Rondell is open for business.

This week’s episode of Ambitions adds another layer to Greg’s story, gives us an interesting new character played by a soap opera alum and deepens the intrigue on Mama Carlisle. has all the scandalous developments in our latest recap.

Amara and Titus… and Damian

Amara brings Titus home after lockup on AmbitionsAt home, Amara asks Titus where he went in the middle of the night. He makes up something about going for a drive but she knows he’s lying. Later, Titus lies in wait to confront Damian in his work parking garage. Amara breaks up their pissing contest and then yells at her husband for his behavior. Meanwhile, Damian hires two strangers to savagely beat him up at his apartment. He has Titus arrested for assault, which he gleefully watches on his surveillance cameras.

The next day, Amara brings Titus home from lockup. She knows Damian lied and calls Titus an honorable and decent man. Titus confesses that he went to Birmingham the other night. He’s been investigating Damian’s past cases and found a dirty public defender whose wife Damian was sleeping with while working to put him in jail. Titus says they have to fight Damian’s kind of crazy with crazy. As convincing as actor Alexander Mulzac is at playing creepy, we do not disagree.

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Stephanie and Greg… and his kissing cousin

Greg and Stephanie heat things up on AmbitionsAs Stephanie and Greg heat things up on his couch, he sees on his phone’s security feed that he has company. Panicked, he sends Stephanie upstairs and orders her not to make a sound. He lets in his cousin, Natasha, and her goons. He’s promptly punched in the face and held at gunpoint. Natasha says he has one week to deliver on the English Rose development. He retorts, “Then what? Is he going to kill his own son?” She kisses him, as Stephanie secretly watches. Nat hopes her uncle will let her do the honors. After they’re gone, Stephanie is livid that Greg put her in danger. She tells him the candy store is closed, but Greg’s too cocky to believe that.

Irene tries to convince Evan on AmbitionsThat night, Stephanie tells her mother she’s worried what Greg’s family will do to Rondell if she doesn’t sell Thelma’s. She’s also worried about their project and knows Evan is the only person Rondell will listen to. However, Evan won’t listen to Stephanie. Irene offers to talk to Evan, but first warns her daughter if she’s going to play with fire where Greg is concerned, she better be the one controlling the flames. An episode of this intriguing woman’s backstory is definitely needed, but first, Irene talks with her defensive son-in-law, giving her an idea of how Stephanie can take away Rondell’s power.

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Rondell and Kent… and Stephanie

Rondell confronts Kent on AmbitionsRondell throws a petition party at Thelma’s to increase her signatures. A woman named Desiree enters and heavily flirts with Kent, which doesn’t sit well with Rondell. When confronted the next night, Kent admits he went on a couple of dates with her, but he wasn’t interested. He vows Rondell is the only one he wants. She softens, pulls him into a passionate kiss and asks him upstairs. In bed, Kent says he’s been waiting for her all his life. She retorts, “Just let our bodies do the talking.” And they do…

The next morning, Rondell checks her website to see she got the number of signatures required to stop Greg. The celebration is short-lived however, as Rondell promptly gets a message that over 60% of her signatures are invalid. Kent consoles a distraught Rondell, as elsewhere, Stephanie smugly thanks someone over the phone for taking care of it. She declares to herself, “A girl from the Banks is no match for a bitch from Buckhead.”

Bella and Ignacio… and a cake

Ignacio inspects Bella's designs on AmbitionsIgnacio De Santos (played by Matt Cedeño, Brandon Walker, Days of our Lives) shows up at Bella’s loft for a meeting. He’s the Chief Operating Officer of the textile company and offers Bella a six-week trial period. When it ends they’ll determine if they want to pursue something more long term. Disappointed, Bella explains she thought she was getting a real contract. He says they’re impressed with her online sales, but they need to make sure she can deliver in a brick and mortar shop. He’ll check back with her in a couple of days to see some designs using their materials.

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When Evan stops by to see his son, Bella rails at the mayor for not fully delivering on his promises to get her a contract working with Valentina De Santos. She retaliates by threatening his time with Joaquin. Ignacio returns to see Bella’s designs and is impressed by the woman and the designer. She’s clearly impressed with him period. After he leaves, Bella finds a cake at her door with ‘Whore’ spelled on it. She shrugs, assuming it’s from Roderick and tastes the frosting – it’s not bad.