Titus tempts Amara on Ambitions
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Botched blackmail, betrayed trust, and a delayed response.

Another week of Ambitions means another week of double-crosses, blackmail and true natures revealed. Although, as Amara Hughes’ portrayer Essence Atkins teased in our recent interview, the distinction between the good guys and the bad guys on this show is very fluid, so don’t get too comfortable with what you think you know. Read on for Soaps.com’s latest recap of all the drama.

Evan the family man

Evan finds Stephanie passed out at home. He starts to call 9-1-1 but hesitates and then puts the phone down! When she comes to, he scrambles to act like he’s calling for help, but she tells him to contact their doctor instead. The next morning, Evan hesitates saving Stephanie on AmbitionsCarly rushes over after spending the night at Rondell’s. Once alone, Stephanie informs her daughter she didn’t tell Evan about catching her with Lori. Stephanie thinks Carly should do that when she’s ready and assures her she loves and accepts her no matter what. Carly leaves as Evan returns with news from the doctor – the tests prove there were opioids in Stephanie’s system. She insists she didn’t take anything and leaps to the conclusion that Lori drugged her.

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Evan later helps Rondell try to convince their father, who suffers a mini-stroke, to take his blood pressure medication. The stroke happens during sex, which Rondell, as is every child’s nightmare, walks in on. Evan’s relatable sibling banter and fun ribbing of his father about his sex life proves he can be a genuine human being when he wants to be. Which apparently isn’t when his wife might be dying.

Blinded by love?

Carly talks with Stephanie on AmbitionsWhen Stephanie later shares her accusation about Lori with Carly, she demands her daughter stop seeing the Purifoy heiress. Carly refuses. She won’t give up her new love, not even for her mother. She proves that by visiting Lori at work to confront her with Stephanie’s claims. Lori is truthful about their tense interaction at the summit but insists she didn’t spike Stephanie’s drink. That’s good enough for Carly, who insists they go back to Lori’s place to pick up where they left off at the party.

Never underestimate the mayor of Atlanta

Bella gets what she wants from Evan on AmbitionsReminding everyone he always has the upper hand, Evan waits in the shadows at Bella’s place as she tricks Roderick into handing over the flash drives. Poor sweet, gullible Roderick quickly learns there’s no payoff and no woman in his future as Evan’s goons order him to leave empty-handed and never come back. Once alone, Evan spells out that Bella’s double-cross earns her a gig with a textile company who makes luxury material for the biggest fashion houses in the world. She will be the face of their expansion allowing her to work with the CEO of the company Valentina DiSantos. Evan assures Bella this is the way to go if she wants a boutique at the airport, adding he always believed in her. Uh… sure, he did.

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Morning sex and deception

At home, Titus exits the shower in nothing but a towel. He and Amara talk about their days – pre-trial conference with Stephanie for him and looking into Roderick’s beef with the mayor for her. When he drops his towel, Amara playfully asks, “You’re just going to tempt me with all that Titus hanging out?” They quickly decide to be late for work.

Once Titus gets to the office, he talks with the chief pharmacologist who insinuates Purifoy is targeting African American communities to foster addiction to their product. Titus does some digging, but can’t find any proof of the claim. He’s also surprised to find the judge on his case against Stephanie is the one Purifoy wanted, despite him not resorting to bribery to make that happen.

Amara questions Roderick on AmbitionsAs for Amara, she is forced to work with Damian, who has brought Roderick in for questioning (before his misguided attempt at blackmailing Evan). The former athlete doesn’t give them anything on the mayor, so Amara and Damian head to the permit office. They learn all of Greg’s construction permits were fast-tracked at Daphne’s direction, but the permit guy insists it’s all above board. After conferring with their boss, Amara and Damian determine if they get the permit guy to turn on Daphne, Evan’s downfall won’t be far behind. However, Amara wants to build a more solid case before they make any moves, which means they have to take things slowly. Creepy Damian is all for that, of course.

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Amara and Titus in bed on AmbitionsBack at home, Amara confesses to her husband that she’s working with Damian, but assures him she tried to have him taken off her case. Titus appreciates her honesty and says he trusts her. However, as Damian watches from his live feed while holding onto Amara’s panties, Titus snoops through Amara’s work computer to find information on Damian. Ugh! Can Amara trust any of the men in her life?