Credit: Image: Spot.IM

New commenting platform under all editorial pieces.’s commenting platform used by our readers posting thoughts and opinions under our editorials such as recaps, news, and soapbox columns has been upgraded recently from SheKnows Connect, Soaps login, and Disqus to Spot.IM, which allows for all of the social engagement that we were hoping for and a few new bells and whistles such as the ability for the staff to broadcast breaking news to our readers, to our readers viewing active conversations in the newsfeed which is located on the left-hand side panel.

Currently, our posters must register an account with Spot.IM which takes a mere few minutes, but for those who prefer to use Disqus, we’ve also transitioned to use our new platform to host Disqus conversations. Look for the ‘Have a Disqus Account?’ link in the comment section. All you need to login within moments is to sign up using your email address and password from Disqus and post.

Settings for your account can be accessed through the dropdown menu beside your screen name at the top right-hand side of the commenting area on any post. From there you can edit your profile, add a photo of yourself, change your password or email address, set notification preferences (receive emails with replies) and so on. All notifications will appear under notification history, which is showcased with a little grey bell.

Readers now have the ability to build authority in the community and receive badges when they accumulate points which are based on social activity per specific topic. They can also gain points based on starting interesting conversations and being active in reading and upvoting other’s comments. By reaching points, the poster will achieve a new badge/social rank for that topic. The higher the social rank means the more privileges and exposure (higher rank).

Each new social rank the poster should receive an incentive notification after they reach these levels:


Please follow this link to the boards on details on how to access and change settings in your Spot.IM account and click around to get yourself familiar with the new platform.

Any technical issues that come up, send us an email at with detailed information and screenshots so that we may troubleshoot.