Amara surprised by Damian on Ambitions

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Someone’s always watching.

We didn’t get any mouth dropping moments like in last week’s episode of Ambitions, but that’s not to say the drama lessened at all this week. Stephanie continued to scheme, Damian upped his creeper status, Bella proved to be a skilled manipulator, and three couples were given more airtime, which I’ve been waiting for.

Creepier and creepier

Damian stalks Amara on AmbitionsTitus surprises Amara at work with coffee when her boss introduces them to the newest Assistant U.S. Attorney – Damian Collins. Titus gets in his face and storms out. Amara confronts Damian who vows he was just looking for a change when he moved to Atlanta. However, after Amara fails to reassure her husband at home about Damian’s presence, Damian sneaks into their house to sniff Amara’s underwear while she’s taking a shower. His stealthiness is impressive for sure, but he needs to go ASAP!

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Bella’s manipulation game is strong

Marilyn is blackmailed by Stephanie on AmbitionsAt home, Stephanie fills Evan in on blackmailing her friend Marilyn. She will feed them information on her husband, whose business they want relocated to Atlanta, as long as Stephanie keeps quiet about the cover-up she facilitated when Marilyn’s rockstar fling turned up dead. Stephanie also reveals to Evan that Bella is in their living room. Stephanie tells him how the poor thing’s place was robbed – everything was taken including a dress Bella was making for Stephanie. When she invites Bella to stay the night, Bella’s smug, Evan squirms and Stephanie pours the hospitality on so thick it suggests she knows about their affair. That or she’s just really concerned about getting her dress. Either way, she tells Evan to make getting Bella’s stuff back a priority. Which he does, as Bella’s loft is filled back up the next day when Evan and Bella officially end things. He’ll remain an investor in her company though – because why not – but Bella doesn’t think (an irate) Evan should have a place in his son’s life anymore.

Evan has Roderick beaten up on AmbitionsBefore Bella works the Lancasters, she turns her crocodile tears on Roderick, who stops by her empty loft. He wants to know where all her furniture is and what was up with Evan being there when they had sex? Bella’s lies spill as easily as her tears as she talks about getting robbed and Evan controlling her. Roderick vows not to let him get away with anything. He calls the mayor out during his sportscast that night for a photo of him leering at a reporter. Roderick also labels Evan a bully. Having gotten wind of what was said, Evan waits for Roderick in the parking garage where Evan’s men give the athlete a massive beat down. Proving he’s smarter than we thought, Roderick films the whole thing on his watch.

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An airport concession as an aphrodisiac?

Stephanie holds a letter opener to Greg's throat on AmbitionsGreg threatens to pull his business from the Carlisle law firm since they haven’t been able to secure Thelma’s Place for his development plans. When Stephanie asks what it would take to keep him happy, he orders her to double his income. Her solution is to offer him the airport concession that she could roll into a restaurant franchise – or something like that. He likes the idea and agrees to keep his business at the firm, but only if he works directly with her. When he draws in close, she looks genuinely frightened. She grabs a letter opener and holds it to his throat. That just seems to be foreplay though because they’re suddenly kissing. She rips off his shirt, wraps her legs around him and they go at it on his desk. Any fear on Stephanie’s part was fleeting as she appears in. to. it.

Young love

Lori tries to explain to CarlyCarly and Lori are at the latter’s place making out when Carly puts a stop to things. She wants more than just sex, but Lori reminds her the press will have a field day if they catch them out together; this is all they can do right now. Carly walks out. Lori has a change of heart and shows up to Carly’s monologue slam. After Carly’s performance, Lori says she isn’t ashamed to be seen with her and calls her amazing. They kiss, unaware that someone who appreciates young love innocently (?) snaps a picture of them.

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Rising to the challenge

Rondell and Kent kiss at their candlelit dinner on AmbitionsWhen Evan warns his sister that councilman Kent is only paying attention to her to get information on him, Rondell challenges her new beau to prove he cares about her – for her. In response, he surprises her with a candlelit dinner and a soothing foot bath. She’s impressed and touched he figured out her favorite food and music. She wants dessert first though and pulls him into a kiss.