Stephanie and Evan square off on Ambitions
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Bribes, blackmail, and bondage.

Ambitions slowed down a little this week, but the did-not-see-that-coming pay off at the end of the episode was worth every minute spent watching. Stephanie of course also laid the groundwork for her plan to break up Amara and Titus, but that was just a hint of how off the rails it’s going to go this season. Ambitions delivered again on its outrageousness, leaving eagerly waiting for next Tuesday.

Stephanie makes the rounds

Stephanie meets Damian on AmbitionsWhile Amara’s having hot dreams about Damian and nightmares about Titus having sex with Stephanie, Stephanie is in Birmingham offering Assistant U.S. Attorney Damian a job in Atlanta. He’s done his research though and knows Stephanie has an agenda where Amara is concerned, so he passes. But this is Stephanie we’re talking about. She’s done her research too and accuses him of planting evidence on an innocent man. She gives him until noon the next day to come to Atlanta. Otherwise, she will blow up his world.

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After Senior turns down Stephanie’s offer to sell Thelma’s place the next day, she holds a press conference announcing her class action suit against Purifoy. The cameras catch her interacting with Titus, which Damian takes note of. When he finally shows up a little past her deadline, he muses that she’s using him to land Titus for herself. Stephanie, in turn, knows he still wants Amara and orders him to destroy the Hughes’ marriage. That way they’ll both win.

It was just a test

Hunter and Titus negotiate on AmbitionsTitus’ boss Hunter wants him to use any means necessary to secure a specific judge for the class action lawsuit. Titus refuses to resort to blackmail. Instead, he tries to use his oratory prowess to convince the chief judge to assign a judge sympathetic to corporations. The chief judge isn’t swayed and lays out his financial demands in exchange for playing ball. Titus returns to Hunter offering to resign with Purifoy since he won’t engage in those tactics. Hunter chuckles, saying Titus passed his test – he has the ethics he’s looking for in his general counsel. Titus looks less than convinced, as does Hunter as soon as Titus leaves his office. When Titus returns home, he and Amara get flirty, which Damian creepily spies from outside their window. He’s clearly going to be more of a problem than Stephanie bargained for.

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The mayor has many layers

Evan pitches old friends to move to Atlanta on AmbitionsWhile Evan is in the middle of trying to convince old friends to move their business to his development project in Atlanta, Bella sends Evan one of the photos she took of him in bed. After ignoring her many apology texts and calls, this gets him to finally meet with her. He admits she hurt him and that he has remorse over not spending his life with her, but he doesn’t trust her and he won’t help her get a concession at the airport. She declares she won’t stop going after what she wants. “Don’t challenge me,” he warns. “You’ll lose.” And lose she does when she returns home to a furniture-less loft (except for Joaquin’s room – he’s not a total monster) and a disconnected cell phone.

Bella won’t go down that easily though. She heads to Daphne’s place (the woman Amara brought in for questioning in episode 3 about being the mayor’s mistress) because she’s one of the people who decides which businesses get into the airport. Bella presents her with one of her dresses, which Daphne points out is a bribe. After Bella has left (leaving the dress behind), Daphne returns to what she was doing, which is… the mayor! Yep, she is in fact involved with Evan, but not only that, they’re engaging in S&M. Dressed in a black leather strapped onesie, Evan gets down on all fours as Daphne cracks her whip. This show!

Other points of interest

Amara and Rondell at Thelma's Place on AmbitionsAmara cozies up to Rondell at Thelma’s and learns of Greg Peterson’s development projects, which Amara quickly connects to Evan and Stephanie.

Carly and Lori talk about vacationing together and get frisky during a couples massage at a spa. Once again, they only get a one and done scene, which makes it hard to invest in them.

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Greg calls the cops on Rondell for leading a protest at one of his construction sites but she evades arrest due to her being the mayor’s sister. While we still don’t get any sweet scenes between Rondell and the councilman, we do get this fantastically heated exchange: Greg: “The countdown on you has started.” Rondell, “Tick. Damn. Tock.” Love her.