Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
Credit: Image: Tammie Arroyo/JPI

Ripa walks down memory lane on Live with Kelly and Ryan. loves a good throwback video and apparently so do the producers of Live with Kelly and Ryan. On today’s show, they surprised Kelly Ripa with a video of her All My Children character Hayley Vaughan Santos and Mateo Santos (played by her real-life husband Mark Consuelos) having an argument over Ryan Lavery (Cameron Mathison). Ripa shared a good laugh with the other Ryan in her life, her talk show co-host Ryan Seacrest, over the scene.

In the clip, Hayley vows to Mateo that she and Ryan are just friends, which Mateo does not believe. “You tear me apart and he puts me back together,” she tells him. Ouch! After watching the clip, Ripa joked that she and Consuelos, “Now have that conversation, but in the reverse.”

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Ripa confessed she didn’t quite remember why the fictional couple was arguing but believed it was over a kiss Hayley and Ryan shared, while she was with Mateo. Though Ripa admitted to Seacrest that her character “made out with everyone” in Pine Valley, this particular kiss seems to have occurred after Hayley helped Ryan prove his innocence of a rape charge and the two became close friends. When she and Mateo started having problems, Ryan found Hayley at the beach alone and, assuming she was trying to drown herself, brought her back to shore. Hayley was just out for a swim trying to clear her head, but the two ended up in a kiss anyway, which Mateo learned about. That presumably led to the fight in the clip and to Mateo leaving town for a while. Fortunately, Hayley and Mateo patched things up and eventually left Pine Valley together for California.

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