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Deals, schemes, and confrontations.

Get a taste of what’s ahead as brings you fresh spoilers for the week of November 12 – 16 for The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless, plus Days and GH spoilers from November 19 – 23.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge and Judge McMullen are set up for a fall thanks to Bill. Once he’s been caught by his rival, Ridge waits for the outcome. Katie and Thorne are eager to see what will happen to him and Brooke tries pleading with Bill to go easy. Bill admits to her that he has some regrets about his life and makes promises about their future. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything good for Ridge. Meanwhile, Pam’s battle with Quinn continues to escalate and spreads, bringing back traumatic memories from Quinn’s past. Pam wants Eric to hire Donna to share reception duties at Forrester, knowing it will push Quinn off the deep end. She also uses it to heal her rift with Donna. Check out’s The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to find out who bonds with Will.

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Days of our Lives

Abigail goes into labor and Chad is there to help, but that’s only the beginning of her pain for the week. Stefan manages to catch Gabi in a compromising position and decides to use this to his advantage. Pretty soon, he’s striking a deal with Chad. That’s when the real fighting begins, and Stefan has to square off against Jennifer over Abby and the baby. As Gabi ponders whether she should just tell the truth and blow everything up, Ben manages to get the truth out of Wyatt and ruins Claire’s plots. Across Salem, Brady tips Paul off about something he ought to know and Paul then confronts Will about Sonny. While they iron out their feelings, Rex is desperate to work things out with Sarah, but she seems more interested in getting drunk and disorderly at the pub. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to see who Lucas says goodbye to.

General Hospital

After a lengthy fantasy about what his life might have been like if he hadn’t spent decades in the mob, Sonny goes to see Margaux and tries make a deal. With Sonny missing, Carly starts to panic, and Jason starts to search. If things are more unsettled than usual in the Corinthos family, they are actually looking okay for the Jeromes, or at least Julian. Meanwhile, Jordan and Curtis continue to plan their wedding and Drew does something to move his friend. Things aren’t nearly so heartwarming for Liz, who is starting to lose it, or Franco who has to turn to Scott for help. Port Charles’ newest resident, Sasha, meets Laura, but that’s only the beginning of things going wrong for her. Sasha also ends up on Kiki’s bad side and is forced to defend herself against the blonde’s accusations. Take a look at our General Hospital spoilers to discover who meets with Sam.

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The Young and the Restless

Things are heating up between Rey and Sharon, but his wife Mia rolls into town and puts a serious damper on that situation. Meanwhile, Abby realizes that her relationship has more problems than she thought after she discovers something unexpected about Arturo’s past. Phyllis and Nick’s past helps to bond them together as they enter some hard times. She is set in opposition to Billy and the two compete for power while he starts to plot revenge. Having already got her revenge, Summer decides that she wants to settle for Kyle and is willing to get nasty to do it. And Reed arrives back in Genoa City just as Mariah’s life in the city gets rockier than it has been in a long time. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers to learn who saves the day.