soaps roundup week of july 9
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Scary stalker, paternity results, a prenup, and custody battles. is back with highlights from last week’s Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless episodes.

Bold and the Beautiful

Last week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Liam put his and Steffy’s wedding on hold due to Hope’s pregnancy, while Hope and Steffy both swore to fight for Liam. Meanwhile, Dollar Bill apologized to Wyatt for the position he put him in and was stunned when Wyatt told him about Hope’s pregnancy. A painter named Zoe, who was hired to create a mural at the beach house, spied on Wyatt and Sally, and later Xander and Emma. Xander confessed to Julius and Maya that he came to the States to get away from his crazy ex, who naturally is Zoe. Zoe vowed to her shrine of Xander that they would be reunited. Finally, Katie and Thorne hired Ken the IT guru to find out who had been threatening Hope. He believed it was Sally, who Thorne promptly fired. Coming up: Sally swears she’s been framed.

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Days of our Lives

Over on Days of our Lives, Brady confessed to Eve that it was Nicole who killed Deimos, but he refused to turn her in. Just as he convinced Theresa to share custody of Tate, a social worker discovered drugs stashed in Theresa and JJ’s place, which were planted by Eve and Victor to help Brady win custody. Hope and Rafe rescued Ciara from the burning cabin, and Ben was arrested for starting the fire. He swore he didn’t do it though Ciara was unsure. Gabi learned that an infection she suffered in prison had reduced her chances of carrying another child from slim to none. Later, she stood by Abigail as she opened the DNA results to learn who her baby’s father was. And Will and Sonny were shocked to learn the car they hid Leo’s body in had mysteriously disappeared. Coming up: Brady loses custody of Tate and Theresa leaves town.

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General Hospital

On General Hospital, Nina and Obrecht were forced to move Peter from the cabin in the woods to the stables at Wyndemere when Finn and Franco came to investigate boy scout Wyatt’s claims about seeing a man tied up there. Sam and Curtis meanwhile zeroed in on Obrecht as the kidnapper and Nina knowing more than she was saying about the crime. Michael convinced Nelle they should marry immediately as part of his and the PCPD’s plan to trap Nelle. When he asked her to sign a prenup, Nelle consulted a lawyer and learned she stood to inherit everything if Michael died without a will. Upon learning about the wedding, Carly drugged Nurse Mary Pat with a sedative meant for her, escaped Ferncliff, and crashed the wedding right as the bride and groom were about to say their vows. Coming up: Valentin figures things out.

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Young and the Restless

Finally on The Young and the Restless, Kyle was arrested for digging up Phillip Chancellor’s grave but managed to get away with a bone, which Jack used to run a DNA test. Summer helped cover for Billy gambling away Jaboat, but he failed to win it back and lost what money he had left. Phyllis became suspicious of Billy’s late-night outings and hired a PI to investigate thinking he was cheating on her. A pregnant Hilary began to have cramps, but Dr. Nate checked her over and told her she was fine. Neil and Ashley found time to celebrate her return to Jabot, and they shared a kiss. As if Victor didn’t have enough to deal with what with JT’s return, and Nate blasting him for canceling medical appointments, Nick won custody of Christian due to Victor lying about his health. Coming up: Hilary hides a secret.