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Happy Father’s Day 2018! celebrated Father’s Day with a twist this year, sharing photos of some of the sexiest dads in soaps. Feel free to dish on your own sexiest soap dads and peruse what some of the soap stars had to say about their fathers, their children and their husbands during Sunday’s celebration.

Grant Turnbull, Days of our Lives’ Nadia Bjorlin’s (Chloe) husband, posted a photo of their two children, Torin and Viggo, along with their grandpa, celebrating Father’s Day, and added a note along with the photo stating, “Very fortunate to have a truly awesome dad. Always been there through thick n thin, makes me realize what I gotta do to live up to Big Trev the Legend!”

Rebecca Budig (GH‘s Hayden) honored her father with a video of him in his boat, saying “You are kind, hard-working, creative, loving, generals and always super fun. We love you and appreciate you.”

Bryton James (Y&R‘s Devon) uploaded an old photo of him as a child with his dad and the caption read, “Thank you forever for this life & all the tools to live it.”

Y&R’s Kristoff St. John (Neil) posted a Yiddish Proverb which reads, “When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.” Then St. John posted another meme which read, “For a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter.”

General Hospital’s Vinessa Antoine (Jordan) posted a photo of her two children, and a lovely note to single mothers: “What an incredible job we have! To hold the space for both mother AND father. So honored. So blessed. So lucky to have these little men. Happy Father’s Day to the incredible, powerful, and courageous single moms out there doing double duty. You know we love you!”

Y&R’s Daniel Goddard (Cane) showed fans a photo of his family including his wife Rachel and his two kids, Sebastian and Ford and said, “To all the dads who dedicate their lives providing for, and loving their family! Wishing you a happy #FathersDay‬”.

Days of our Lives actor, Galen Gering, paid tribute to his children by showing the homemade Father’s Day cards they made him and the cake that was delivered, saying, “I thought my Father’s Day had reached the zenith when I got these incredible cards from my kids expressing how thankful they were to have me as their dad and then @coldstone delivered this cake to the house! I’d say it was icing on the cake but that’d just be a bad dad joke. Although I guess I’ve earned the right…Anyway, to all the other fathers out there have an amazing day!”

General Hospital’s Kathleen Gati (Liesl) posted a photo of herself with her father and wished a Happy Father’s Day to her dad and other dads out there: “#HappyFathersDay to my Dad who inspired me, made me laugh, and who was an amazing and brilliant symphony conductor! And #Happyfathersday2018 to all of you out there too!”

GH’s Maurice Benard showed fans a photo of his own father with a message of love and respect saying, “This is the dad that I know Tall strong catching rattlesnakes, which I tell him not too he used to always take me to play baseball and that was one of my favorite things to do. He taught me the meaning of love respect especially when it came to the woman you love he’s been with my mother for 60 years when people ask me who my hero is there’s no one I can think of but my father happy Father’s Day every day dad.”

Y&R alum (Adam) and This Is Us star, Justin Hartley, uploaded a photo of his daughter Isabella which read, “Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing fathers out there. Hope you all got a chance to kick your feet up for a bit. So proud to be in the club thanks to this wonderful young lady. Let’s never stop laughing with and teaching our kids. Also, let’s never stop listening. They sure can teach you a lot.”

Another GH actress, Kimberly McCullough (Robin) said this to her husband, the father of her child, “Happy Father’s Day to my truly better half. The man who makes our life work and makes sure that our kid knows how much he loves him every day. I love you babe. You’re the shit.”

Bold and Beautiful’s Scott Clifton (Liam) showed fans a photo of himself with his son dressed in Star Wars t-shirts and posted this: “Look at this #StarWars Father’s Day gift. LOOK AT IT. Are you kidding me? Ford and I are never taking these t-shirts off. @nikkishoots, you get me. ❤”

Days of our Lives’ Melissa Reeves added a photo of her kids with her husband Scott Reeves (ex-Steve, GH, ex-Ryan, Y&R) and captioned it: “You are my everything Happy Father’s Day honey we almost have 4 kids.”

Y&R’s Mishael Morgan (Hilary) had this to say to her father, “Happy Father’s Day to the most loving, fun and craziest dad in the world… now you know where Niam get it from lol. Love you to pieces.”

Days of our Lives‘ Lucas Adams (Tripp) showed a photo of himself with his father and wrote, “Happy Father’s Day Dad!! I love ya so much, you’re an amazing dad/granddad with so much to teach, wisdom to pass down, and all around awesomeness! Here’s to the one person I know I can call and talk about sports at ANY time of day! Love you Padre!”

Days of our Lives’ Martha Madison (Belle) was short and sweet while wishing her father a happy day, saying, “This guy is pretty great! Happy Father’s Day, old man! Love you!”

Days of our Lives’ Lauren Koslow (Kate) posted a photo of her husband with one of their children as a baby and sent him a message that read, “Happy Father’s Day to my darling husband .. you are everything to us.”

?Thank you forever for this life & all the tools to live it? I love you more

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From here to heaven… #23 #happyfathersday

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To fathers everywhere with daughters… #happyfathersday

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This guy is pretty great! Happy Fathers Day, old man! Love you! ❤

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