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A look at daytime’s hottest dads.

In honor of Father’s Day, decided to take a look at some of the hottest dads currently gracing our soaps. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in some instances there were slim pickings amongst the characters currently on the shows who are actually fathers. Here is our solute to the current hot daddies on daytime. Be sure to comment with your own picks!

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The Bold and the Beautiful

New father Liam Spencer is on cloud nine after the birth of his first child Kelly with Steffy Forrester Spencer. Granted, he flip flopped between Steffy and Hope right up to the birth of his daughter, much as he’s done the past several years. Still, he has never given up on love, and his beach body and boyish good looks make him one of our hot daddy picks.

Liam’s father Bill Spencer won’t win any father of the year awards given he’s always playing sons Liam and Wyatt against one another, and is obsessed with Steffy. Still, it’s hard to deny Bill has a banging body, and in his own bizarre way he loves all his children and always wants his family to be united.

Rick Forrester has smoldering good looks and muscles for miles. He also stood by his wife Maya when she revealed she was transgender, and the two fought for a family with the help of Maya’s sister Nicole who acted as their surrogate, giving birth to their daughter Lizzy.

Honorable mention: Eric Forrester, one of soaps silver foxes who loves his children, even though he’s disowned them in the past.

Days of our Lives

Brady Black pretty much is cursed when it comes to relationships, and his inability to stay single for a day is a turn off. However his chiseled chest and jawline, along with his sultry voice, lands him as a pick for one of our sexy soap fathers.

Shawn Brady has the look of a male model, but brains to boot. He followed in the family footsteps and joined the police force as a crime scene investigator. Not only did he raise his daughter Claire with his wife Belle, but he has been a father figure to his younger sister Ciara.

Chad DiMera fought some of his own DiMera family members and serial killer Ben Weston to get his happy family with Abigail Deveraux. He’s got the rugged boy next door looks, and is so manly he often grows a full beard overnight!

Honorable mention: Rafe Hernandez, who helped Sami raise half the kids in Salem that she gave birth to. With Sami set to return almost 9 months after they had sex back on December 4, 2017, could she finally make Rafe a dad?

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General Hospital

Jason Morgan is without a doubt a smoking hot dad whose blue eyes are as piercing as Zoolander’s trademarked Blue Steel look. He’s loyal without fault and not only father to Danny and Jake, but got himself sent to prison to protect his godson Michael when he landed in the slammer.

Jason’s twin brother Drew Cain is equally as hot. They may no longer share the same face thanks to Drew’s plastic surgery, but they have the same dynamic DNA. Drew is a constant father figure to Jake and Danny, while embracing his role as dad to Emily “Scout” and newfound son Oscar Nero.

Dante Falconeri is a dedicated father to his son Rocco and step-daughter Charlotte. He is a loyal and dedicated cop, which is a total turn on in and of itself, but he’s got the looks that also make him a heartthrob.

Unhonorable mentions: Julian Jerome and Sonny Corinthos are both sexy, but they also have a tendency to shoot their children and get violent with their baby mamas.

The Young and the Restless

Billy Abbott is Genoa City’s spoiled rich playboy and all around screw-up, but he usually screws up with a charming smile that makes us weak in the knees. He also loves his kids, which makes him sexy, no matter what actor is playing him. And there have been so many…

Neil Winters has had his ups and downs over the years, which included learning his daughter Lily was biologically his brother Malcolm’s daughter. He persevered, even adopting Devon Hamilton when he was a teenager living on the streets. His focus on his children and grandchildren make him one of our sexy fathers.

Cane Ashby has his flaws, including cheating on his wife Lily and getting another woman pregnant. However he loves his kids, and his dedication to his family, including his step-mother Jill Abbott and step-brother Billy, make him a fan favorite father. There is also the added bonus of a killer body and sexy Australian accent.

Post-mortem mention: John Abbott returns every now and then as a ghost to council his children, even though it turns out he may not have fathered half as many children as he thought.