A baby is born, a killer returns, a court case begins, and an unexpected arrest.

Soaps.com is giving our readers a refresher of what happened last week on Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

Bold and the Beautiful:
Last week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy gave birth to her and Liam’s daughter Kelly. After the birth, Steffy told Liam that it was Dollar Bill’s visit that caused her to fall and go into labor and he was furious. He left the hospital, not to confront his father, but instead talk to Hope. Hope asked if he still wanted a future with her, but when he could only think about Kelly, she ended things after realizing he’d eventually make his way back to Steffy. Brooke naturally pushed her daughter not to give up on her dream of marrying Liam. She might want to because Liam took Steffy and Kelly home and moved back in to be a family with them. Coming up: Hope pays a visit to Steffy and Kelly.

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Days of our Lives:
Last week on Days of our Lives, Brady chose Eve over Theresa, and informed his grandfather Victor that he was moving out of the mansion. Ben Weston was released from prison, and he appeared on Will’s doorstep to try and make amends for you know, killing him even though Dr. Rolf was able to bring Will back to life. Ciara decided to give things with Tripp another chance but returned home to find him naked with Claire on the sofa. They didn’t have sex, but a fuming Ciara accused Claire of seducing Tripp for revenge. She stormed out, raced off on her bike, which she crashed, only to be rescued by Ben. And Kayla agreed to Stefan’s deal to bring Kate down in exchange for a bionic eye for Steve, while Kate hired Leo a shady lawyer to represent his sexual harassment case against Sonny. Coming up: Theresa asks Victor to help her win back Brady.

General Hospital:
Last week on General Hospital, in San Diego, Finn ran into his estranged father, while Robin was stunned to learn from Anna that Peter August was her half-brother. In a cabin outside of Port Charles, Dr. Obrecht held Peter prisoner, and Nina stopped her from killing him. Kiki’s accusations against Dr. Bensch for sexual harassment were dismissed by HR, so she turned to the press to expose the letch. Drew decided not to go through with the experimental memory mapping procedure, which ran the risk of leaving him brain dead. Finally, the new DA presented her case against Carly for the attempted murder of Nelle, while Diane did her best to try and convince the court that Carly was having a psychotic break. Diane’s best may not be good enough. Coming up: Carly’s trial concludes, and she is sentenced.

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Young and the Restless:
Last week on The Young and the Restless, Neil outbid Hilary on the apartment next to Devon’s, only to have Devon invite Hilary to move in with him. Victor sued Nick for custody of Christian. Nick hired Brittany Hodges to represent him, and Sharon threatened Nikki to force Victor to back off or she’d sell her down the river for killing JT. Summer returned to town in a flashy sports car, which she was quickly arrested for stealing from her married boyfriend. She claimed it was all a mistake, the stealing part that is, not having a married boyfriend. Summer clashed with just about everyone in town, and Kyle and Mariah wished she’d never returned. And Jack pressed Dina about his father, but her Alzheimer’s made it difficult for her to remember his name. Coming up: Neil finds a clue about Dina’s past.