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Memorable soap opera weddings.

With June around the corner and it being a favored month for weddings, decided to take a look back at memorable, unforgettable and often bizarre soap opera weddings that could only happen on daytime.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan married for the first time in 1991, and present at the ceremony was not only Eric’s ex-wife and the mother of his sons, Stephanie Forrester, but his son Ridge who was the bride’s former lover. As if that wasn’t strange enough, Eric arranged for him and Brooke to depart the wedding reception and begin their honeymoon in a most unusual way, by hot air balloon.

Brooke and Ridge Forrester eloped for their third wedding. The couple headed to South America in one of B&B’s most unique weddings where they married in the middle of the Amazon Jungle. Ridge wore an Incan inspired outfit, without a shirt or his trademark scarf, while Brooke donned a headdress and hot pink gown. Shortly after the ceremony Sheila Carter kidnapped Ridge, who was later presumed dead.

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Days of our Lives

John Black and Kristen DiMera’s 1997 wedding was one of the most unusual in Days history. Nobody knew that John was actually marrying Kristen’s look-a-like Susan Banks, who had locked rivals Marlena Evans and Kristen DiMera in the DiMera secret room because she had fallen for John. Susan convinced John to have an Elvis themed wedding, complete with her own Priscilla Presley inspired wedding gown. Susan was exposed when Marlena’s good friend Laura Horton confronted who she thought was Kristen because she believed she had done something to the missing Marlena. During a fight Laura knocked out Susan’s false teeth, which flew across the backyard and landed in Vivian Alamain’s drink.

While many remember Bo and Hope Brady’s wedding shot on location in England, it’s hard to forget in 1984 when Bo stopped Hope Williams and Larry Welch’s wedding. Salem’s crooked DA Welch schemed to marry Hope, but Bo wasn’t having it. Bo’s friend Howie Hoffstedder dressed up in Hope’s dress and walked down the aisle, much to Larry’s surprise when he lifted her veil to find the scruffy-faced man pursing his lips for a kiss. Bo meanwhile kidnapped Hope, threw her on the back of his bike and took off as Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For a Hero” blared.

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General Hospital

Luke and Laura Spencer’s 1981 wedding was viewed by 30 million people and remains the highest rated hour in daytime history. The part of Helena Cassadine was created for the late Elizabeth Taylor, who was a fan of the show, and the wedding was the character’s debut. She gifted the couple with her famous curse. Of course many fans also remember the square dancing at the reception, the fist fight between Luke and Laura’s ex Scott Baldwin, and Laura’s larger-than-life dress and veil that set the standards for soap wedding dresses for the rest of the 80s.

Frisco Jones and Felicia Cummings met when Felicia tried to rob Frisco of an Aztec artifact, which she claimed was part of her family’s treasure, and she was of royal Aztec heritage. He helped her recover her birthright, and the couple was wed in 1986 at the iconic Brownstone. Frisco wore his dress blues, having recently enrolled in the police academy, and Felicia a lace dress and veil inspired by her Central American heritage. At the reception Frisco serenaded his bride with the song “Lady of my Heart.” Actor Jack Wagner had a huge radio hit around the same time with “All I Need.”

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The Young and the Restless

As with many soap romances, Y&R’s Nikki and Victor Newman came from opposite sides of the tracks. Victor Newman was a powerful businessman and member of the upperclass when he met stripper and former prostitute Nikki Reed. The couple was wed for the first time in 1984. Their wedding contained all the glitz and glamour of daytime, including taking place in a candlelit ballroom, underneath beautiful chandeliers, and surrounded by Greco-Roman columns. Nikki’s gown was covered in sequins and her veil featured a jeweled tiara. No expense was spared by Victor!

Kevin Fisher and Jana Hawkes’ romance began when Kevin hired Jana to work at Crimson Lights, but the old soap opera brain tumor reared its ugly head and caused Jana to try and kill Kevin while pursuing a Nazi treasure. However even the tumor couldn’t stop their love, and after all the craziness they endured the couple chose to be married in a tranquil ashram in Malibu, California in 2008. In true soap fashion the guru who married them turned out to be Kevin’s long-lost father Lowell “River” Baldwin (Michael Gross, Family Ties).

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