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The greatest mothers on daytime and those that need to up their game.

In honor of Mother’s Day, is revisiting some of the best, and worst, moments of mothering on the soap operas. Since last year, we’ve added a few more from Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless. From mothers who killed for their children, to ones who unleashed killers on their children, there is no level of crazy that is too insane when it comes to soap moms…

Let’s keep a secret

Shauna Fulton blew into town after her daughter Flo began the search for her father. Though Shauna tried to convince Flo to drop it, the truth came out that Shauna Flo Shauna on Bold and Beautifuldidn’t even know who fathered her daughter…With modern technology, Flo was able to learn through a computer based DNA search that Storm Logan was her dad. Shauna uncovered Flo’s big secret – that she had been involved in a baby switch that resulted in her cousin Hope Logan Spencer, believing her child had died. Flo wanted to come clean but Shauna convinced her to stay quiet – and to embrace being a Logan and everything that comes with it. Some would say Shauna was looking out for her daughter, for fear of her going to prison, others might say she’s hoping to reap the rewards of her daughter being a member of one of the richest families in LA.

Liar, liar, you started the fire

Hope Brady Hernandez became a mother obsessed after believing her daughter Ciara Brady had been kidnapped by Ben Weston aka The Necktie Killer. Though it hope tells ben about jordan's secret on days of our livesturned out Ben had tended to Ciara, following a motorcycle accident, and had saved her, along with help from Chad DiMera, from the burning cabin, Hope believed that Ben had started the fire that almost took her daughter’s life. No one would blame Hope, given the circumstances surrounding Ben. Even though Ciara professed his innocence, Hope refused to accept him and was even blamed for planting evidence so Ben would be prosecuted as the arsonist. It wasn’t until Ben saved her daughter once again, from the Mexican Cartel, when Hope finally expressed her gratitude and began to back off at Ciara’s insistence. Though Hope knew Ben and Ciara had began dating, she cringed upon realizing they were having sex after seeing the reformed killer in only a towel. Hey, even the most understanding mothers aren’t perfect.

Kidnapped in the name of love

When Kristina Corinthos felt out of place in her own skin, her new friend Daisy turned her on to a self-help book titled Every Day is a New Dawn. It wasn’t long alexis faces her pastbefore Kristina was introduced to Shiloh Archer, the head of Dawn of Day. What was passed off as a group who worked to help each other strive for inner peace turned out to be cult with Shiloh leading the sick madness, which involved brainwashing and drugging young women into his bed. Kristina’s mother Alexis Davis was desperate to get her daughter away from Shiloh and couldn’t have been happier when Jason Morgan kidnapped Kristina before Shiloh could have his way with her. Kristina was furious with her mother, and her family, but with the help of Alexis’ therapist Neil Byrne, she appeared to finally see the light – or so it seems… We’re betting Alexis would do it all over again to save her daughter from the sexual predator.

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I’ll be there for you

Traci Abbott lived a mother’s worst nightmare when she lost her only child Colleen in 2009. If that wasn’t bad enough, Victor Newman was walking around with her heart after Colleen was able to serve as his donor. Traci carried on and proved that a mother’s love and instinct never dies by being there for Colleen’s best friend Lily Ashby, who lost her own mother, throughout the years – most recently when Lily was sent to prison. Not only did Traci show her love and support by visiting Lily, she served as a sounding board for Lily’s husband Cane when the stress of Lily’s prison sentence, and his infidelity, became too much. It’s safe to say anyone would be lucky to have Traci as their surrogate mom.

The slut from the Valley

Brooke-Bridget-mothers-day-BB-AM Brooke was unhappy when her daughter Bridget married bad boy Deacon Sharpe, and confronted her son-in-law, but ended up having an affair with him behind her daughter’s back that resulted in her getting pregnant. Of course, Brooke faced plenty of consequences for this awful mothering move, including being slapped by Stephanie, marrying Whip (who ‘covered’ as the baby daddy), facing Bridget’s pain and resentment when she found out via baby monitor, and later losing Ridge when he learned the truth about Baby Hope’s paternity. Brooke later had sex with her daughter Hope’s boyfriend, Oliver, when she mistook him for Ridge wearing a mask. Messy moment!

I would choke for you

Ridge-Stephanie-mothers-day-Bb-AM After Shane McGrath shot himself in front of Ridge, Ridge disposed of the body in the ocean because he worried about being accused of the crime. Stephanie went to great lengths to protect her favorite son from police scrutiny, including going so far as to help frame Ridge’s rival Nick Marone for the ‘murder’ after McGrath’s body was found. She also strangled Brooke with a telephone cord and held her at gunpoint to prevent her from contacting the authorities. Talk about motherly dedication!

Sometimes grandma knows best

Will-Marlena-PS When Will Horton was struggling with his sexuality it was his grandmother Marlena that he first turned to. Not only was she his grandmother, but as a psychiatrist, she was well trained to help him come to terms with who he was. Marlena was accepting and loving, while Will’s own mother Sami Brady took time to accept the truth about her son. Marlena was always someone Will could turn to, but after the pivotal moment, his bond with his grandmother became even stronger. Marlena would later go on to officiate at Will’s wedding to Sonny, and yes Sami did finally come around to accepting her son as did the rest of his family. Sometimes it’s the grandmothers who are the best mother figures.

A killer of a mom

Ben-Wil-XJJ Sami’s relationship with Will has been strained on more than one occasion, going back to his conception. For the first few years of his life she let Austin Reed believe he was the boy’s father when it was really his half-brother, Lucas Horton. While mother and son had their ups and downs over the years, Sami’s most shocking move came when she learned Will hadn’t been killed by Ben Weston aka The Necktie Killer. He was alive and living with Susan Banks, who had convinced the amnesiac that he was her son EJ. To try and spark his memory she freed Ben Weston from Bayview Asylum and had him recreate the attack on Will, mimicking everything from the night Will was believed to have died. Her plan failed and Will wanted nothing to do with his mother after for a while. However, in time he forgave her. Sami can sometimes be her own worst enemy.

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The miracle gift

Liz-Jason-HW Liz Webber is one of Port Charles’ supermoms. She is raising three kids but lost several years with her middle child with Jason Morgan, Jake. Jake was raised by Liz and Lucky Spencer, and when Lucky’s father Luke struck the little boy in a drunk driving accident everyone’s lives were thrown into chaos. Jake could not be saved, and at the same time Carly and Jax Jack’s daughter Joss was losing her battle with cancer. Jason implored Liz to donate Jake’s organs to save others, including Joss. Liz initially refused, but later realized Jake’s death should not be in vain if other children could live. Liz’s decision and Jake’s kidney saved Joss’ life. Years later it was revealed that Helena Cassadine had faked Jake’s death, and Joss’ kidney came from Nelle Benson, but that doesn’t take away from Liz’s difficult decision that day. No good deed goes unpunished, and Liz was eventually reunited with Jake.

Worst kept secret

Franco-Jim-XJJ Sometimes it can be pretty difficult to choose the worst mothering moments when there are so many on soaps. Nelle Benson without a doubt will be a future contender in this category. However recently viewers learned that not only did Betsy Frank conspire with Heather Webber to raise Heather and Scott Baldwin’s son Franco as her own, it turned out Heather also stole and gave Jason Quartermaine’s twin brother to Betsy to raise as well. She named the boy Andrew but eventually ditched him at an orphanage after he almost died from falling down the stairs. She told young Franco that the boy never existed and was an imaginary friend. Years later the awful truth would come out when Drew and Jason learned they were long lost twins, and Jim Harvey returned to town stirring up disturbing memories in Franco. Still trying to cover the truth up, Betsy told Franco he pushed Drew down the steps as a young boy and that’s why she had to send him away. Franco and Drew eventually uncovered that Jim had molested Franco was and going to do the same to Drew when the young boy fell down the steps. Betsy discovered what was going on and covered everything up. Talk about the mother of all lies.

Who’s the daddy?

Abby-Dina-mothers-day-YR-HW Dina Mergeron had a long-held reputation for being a bad mother when she returned to sell her company to Devon Hamilton. She had not only abandoned her children and never looked back, but she also cheated on her husband, John Abbott, with the tennis pro, Brent Davis, who was Ashley’s biological father, a damaging secret that haunted Ashley ever since she found out. With Dina’s return, it appeared she wanted to reconnect with her children at long last, and she has, but at what cost? Not only did the Abbott siblings learn that she had multiple affairs when they were younger, behind their beloved father’s back, but Dina also dropped another huge bomb – she was in love with another man, and believes Jack to be his son. Though Dina’s memory is questionable, there is no doubt her latest revelation will cause her children tremendous pain yet again. Heartbreaking!

Mama Bear

Nikki-JT-Victoria-mothers-day-YR-HW Nikki Newman was feeling protective when she noticed JT being overly critical of her daughter Victoria, but she had no idea what was really going on behind closed doors. Once she found out the extent of the actual abuse and heard Victoria describe her fright as JT got physical with her, grabbing her neck and punching the wall beside her face, Nikki was furious. Therefore it was a no-brainer for Nikki, who had once fought off her own abusive father, to react as she did when she, along with Phyllis and Sharon, caught JT in the act of abusing Victoria. Nikki’s instinct was to stop JT any way she could – and that meant hitting him over the head with a fireplace poker and killing him. This gives a whole new meaning to ‘protective mom.’

A version of this article was originally published in May 2018.