The most glamorous night of the year for soaps.

It’s daytime’s big night at the 45th Annual Daytime Emmys. This is my second year in a row blogging the evening for as I and many others tune in from our web browsers, tablets and phones to watch the ceremony live streamed on social media or through the KNEKT app. This is a live on going blog covering the red carpet and the following ceremony, so make sure to constantly refresh for the latest updates.

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Tonight is also at the Emmys and not only are we covering the red carpet all night long, we will have video interviews on Monday. Also be sure to check out our coverage of Friday’s 45th Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards winners, which list the winners of the technical awards such as hairstyling, set decoration, and lighting direction.

45-daytime-emmys-red-carpet 5:05 PM: Carolyn Hennesy (Diane Miller from General Hospital) has arrived on the red carpet and is currently talking to the press while we wait for the actors to arrive on the carpet. Hennesy will be hosting the red carpet and interviewing the winners backstage tonight.

daytime-emmys-kristyn-and-carolyn- 5:10 PM: Hennesy is talking with the press, including SheKnows’ own Kristyn Burtt, about her character Diane Miller and daytime in general. She spoke about GH’s Alzheimer’s storyline and how she hopes it brings compassion and understanding to the disease.

5:30 PM: Hennesy continues talking with reporters and insiders, such as Michael Maloney, touching on important storyline tackled on the soaps recently. The Bold and the Beautiful’s trans storyline involving the character of Maya was mentioned. They also discussed how elderly abuse or animal abuse might be a good subject to tackle.

tristan-lake-lebeau-yr 5:40 PM: Tristan Lake Leabu (Reed Hellstrom, The Young and the Restless) spoke with Hennesy about his nomination for Best Younger Actor. He addressed the news that he recently wrapped up his role on the show and is choosing to focus on his music career right now.

5:44 PM: Ronn Moss (B&B’s Ridge Forrester, and John Blackwell on The Bay), lacking his trademark scarf, and his wife Devin DeVasquez were there to support The Bay for best digital show, and Devon brought her dog Prince.

jennifer-gaereis-bold 5:48 PM: Jennifer Gareis spoke about stirring up trouble occasionally as Donna Logan on B&B, but is also enjoying raising two wonderful children at home.

5:51 PM: Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin, Y&R) and Lauren Woodland (Brittany Hodges) talked with Hennesy, and Woodland revealed she’s returning as a lawyer to Genoa City in a big upcoming case. Her character currently lives in New York, but is returning due to the big school reunion. Woodland is also a lawyer in real life.

5:55 PM: Hennesy talked with Sharon Case (Sharon Newman, Y&R), who is presenting an award with Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters, Y&R).

gh-eden-mccoy-daytime-emmys-red-carpet-2018 5:56 PM: Eden McCoy (Joss Jax) took time to talk with Hennesy. She was styled for the carpet by the show, and discussed just having filmed The Nurses’ Ball.

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5:59 PM: John York (Mac Scorpio, GH) came to support his soap, which has been running for 55 years now. Hennesy asked if he’ll rush the stage with her should their show win, and he joked he would.

6:00 PM Camryn Grimes (Mariah Newman, Y&R) spoke with Hennesy about the scenes she submitted for Supporting Actress involving her discussing her feelings for another woman.

6:05 PM: Risa Dorken (Amy Driscoll, GH) discussed The Nurses’ Ball with Hennesy, who again made her fellow GH actor promise to rush the stage should their show win.

6:07 PM: Gina Tognoni (Phyllis Newman, Y&R) talked her multiple Daytime Emmy show nominations and wins with Hennesy, and the two dished fashion. Hennesy brought up the leading ladies luncheon, which she hosted as last year’s winner for Outstanding Lead Actress.

6:12 PM: Matt Ashford (Jack Deveraux, Days) was in attendance as one of the producers of The Bay, which is soon going international. Hennesy joked she never worked with him and would love to, but her character would need to be brought back from the dead.

carolyn-daytime-emmys 6:15 PM: Cait Fairbanks (Tessa, Y&R) spoke with Hennesy about her submitted scenes for Outstanding Younger Actress, in which her character was trying to figure out her relationship with Mariah (Camryn Grimes).

6:18 PM Kelly Kruger (MacKenzie Browning, Y&R) and Darrin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer, B&B) spoke with Hennesy about how they met on Blue Mountain State, as well as their characters. Wyatt is about to be duped by his father Bill Spencer, while Mac is searching for the father of her children JT, but has no idea he’s dead.

6:20 PM: Jon Lindstrom (Kevin Collins, GH) and his wife Cady McClain (As The World Turns, All My Children ) spoke with Hennesy about McClain’s directorial work on the upcoming film Switch about BDSM, which Lindstrom has a small part in.

6:24 PM: Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe Mitchell, Y&R) talked about her scenes, and that should she win for Outstanding Supporting Actress she doesn’t have a speech prepared because she didn’t want to jinx it.

hudson-west-gh-red-carpet-daytime-emmys 6:27 PM: Marla Adams (Dina Abbott, Y&R) spoke with Hennesy about the fact that this is her first nomination after fifty years on soaps. She spoke about her scenes, involving her Alzheimer’s storyline, and the reaction from people around the country, especially those who care for the people suffering from the disease.

6:30 PM: Hennesy summoned over Hudson West (Jake Webber, GH) and rested her arm on his head, joking she likes to take advantage of the young ones as arm rests. She spoke with him, who is nominated for the first time for Outstanding Younger Actor.

kate-linder-daytime-emmys 6:31 PM: Kate Linder (Esther Valentine, Y&R) spoke with the host next, wearing a purple gown that Hennesy called a mix between Prince, Cersei Lannister and Maleficent. Linder was there to support Y&R.

6:33 PM: Christel Khalil (Lily Winters, Y&R) Bryton James (Devon Winters, Y&R) and Melissa Ordway (Abby Newman, Y&R) spoke about supporting 45 years of Y&R and their characters’ storylines. James noted his ex-wife Hilary is about to have a baby and they may be reuniting.

6:37 PM: Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Forrester, B&B) spoke about the fact that her gown was designed by a French designer who grew up watching B&B. She also planned to hand the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor to John McCook (Eric Forrester, B&B) when he wins, should he win, tonight.

hayley-erin-kiki-daytime-emmys-redcarpet 6:40 PM Hayley Erin (Kiki Jerome, GH )stopped by to talk with SheKnows’ reporter on the red carpet Kristyn Burtt about Kiki’s storyline with the creepy Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva).

6:44 PM: Victoria Rowell (Drucilla Winters, Y&R) spoke about her show The Rich and the Ruthless.

6:46 PM Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos, GH), her daughter Lauren, and Wes Ramsey (Peter August, GH) all spoke with Hennesy. Hennesy wished her well, but couldn’t say who she was pulling for seeing they are all working together on GH next week. Hennesy again reminded them to rush the stage when their show won. Wright is announcing the 55 anniversary clip and suggested they rush the stage for it as well. When asked about his character, Ramsey couldn’t reveal everything, but said things with his character are coming to a head and it could be devastating. Wright also suggested her character may have a lot coming up with Hennesy’s Diane, so Carly likely is in a lot of trouble.

john-mccook-wife-laurette 6:55 PM: John McCook (Eric Forrester, B&B) who is up for Outstanding Lead Actor, which is his third nomination, discussed his scenes over disowning his on-screen son after he learned something happened between him and his on-screen wife. He also praised all the actors he’s had the pleasure of working with over the years.

7:07 PM: Lily Melgar (The Bay, GH) spoke about her work on The Bay

7:10 PM: John Enos (Days) talked with Hennesy about his nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor for playing an Elvis impersonator on Days. He did not pick the scenes that were submitted for the award, but instead the show did. He wished his mom was with him, and will dedicate the award to her.

james-reynolds-daytime-emmys-2018 7:12 PM: James Reynolds (Abe Reynolds, Days) is up for his third nomination and is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor. He admitted that acting was not his original career choice, but journalism is. Hennesy admitted she is rooting for him, and asked if he has a speech prepared. He admitted he has worked on something.

7:19 PM: Victoria Konefal (Ciara Brady, Days) was enjoying her first Daytime Emmys, and hoped to meet the cast members from other shows this evening. She also was happy to celebrate daytime and Days.

7:20 PM Lauralee Bell (Christine Blair, Y&R) talked with Hennesy about how she really hopes her show wins, and she and her brother are introducing a tribute to her parents and 45 years of Y&R.

7:25 PM: Heather Tom (Katie Logan) discussed her move to directing on B&B for the past 2 1/2 years, and is nominated with the rest of the directing team tonight.

7:30 PM: Hennesy welcomed back Steve Burton to GH as the one and only Jason Morgan, appropriately wearing black. She gloated to the viewers that she knew they were jealous of her at that moment.

olivia-rose-keegan-days-emmys 7:31 PM: Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire, Days) discussed submitting the outcome of the reveal of her sex tape with Theo, which was leaked online not by her character. She also brought her mom and sister with her for her first nomination in the Outstanding Younger Actress category.

7:34 PM: A plethora of GH cast made their way to speak to Hennesy, including Lisa LoCicero (Olivia Quartermaine), Wally Kurth (Ned Ashton), Michael Easton (Hamilton Finn), Tamara Braun (Kim Nero), William deVry (Julian Jerome), and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis) all discussed recently taping The Nurses’ Ball, and Hennessy flirted a bit with deVry saying he gives excellent back rubs. LoCicero teased to fans to look for a special scene between Olivia and Kim’s characters at the ball.

7:40 PM: Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott, Y&R) and Mal Young (writer, Y&R) spoke with Hennesy, who told Thompson they missed him as Patrick Drake on GH. Young was looking forward to meeting everyone from the other shows, and joked about a big soap brawl to decide the winner.

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7:49 PM: Hennesy thanked everyone watching at home, as well as those in attendance, and hoped everyone would have fun as the main event is about to begin!

8:04 PM The main show has begun, with some fun clips of wins from the past, including Bob Barker, Betty White, Mr. Rogers, Rosie O’Donnell, Carrie Fisher, Susan Flannery, and Phil Donahue. Then an impromptu flashmob began dancing to The Black Eyed Peas “I Got A Feeling.”

chloe-lanier-daytime-emmy-winner 8:09 PM Peter Marshall, the first host of Hollywood Squares and the first Daytime Emmys back in 1974 joined hosts Mario Lopez and Sheryl Underwood on stage to open the show, in a humorous skit where Marshall thought he was hosting again. Marshall reminisced about how when he was beginning on Hollywood Squares Bill and Susan Seaforth-Hayes were rising to stardom on Days. The couple is being presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award this evening.

8:23 PM: Hallmark’s Home & Family’s Debbie Matenopoulos and Mark Steines presented the first award for Outstanding Younger Actress. The winner went to Chloe Lanier, Nelle Benson on General Hospital, for scenes confronting Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) over wrongdoings she thought Carly had done to her and her family. Benson thanked her brother for encouraging her to take the role, and fellow nominee Wright for their scenes together.

8:24 PM: Gloria Allred presented the award for Outstanding Legal Courtroom Program to Judge Mathis.

8:30 PM: Commercial breaks showed clips from past shows, including one from the 2nd Daytime Emmys which was televised from a boat in the harbor of New York!

8:33 PM: The hosts of The Reel took the stage to present the award for Outstanding Guest Performer on Daytime. The winner went to Vernee Watson, for the role of Stella Henry on General Hospital, who had a grudge with Jordan Ashford’s (Vinessa Antoine) character, who cheated on Stella’s precious nephew. Watson thanked a close friend for helping her memorize her lines.

8:37 PM: Sharon Case (Sharon Newman, Y&R) and Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters, Y&R) presented the award for Outstanding Talkshow to The Dr. Oz Show.

8:40 PM: Sal Stowers (Lani Price, Days) and Greg Vaughan (Eric Brady, Days) presented the award for Outstanding Daytime Directing Team to the crew of Days of our Lives. Brant Johnson accepted for the directing team. Johnson noted that years ago this award was a singular one, but in the industry today it made more sense that it went to the team as they all work together to craft the shows.

8:50 PM: Brandon McMillan host of Lucky Dog took to the stage with Chris Van Etten (Chet Driscoll, GH) and his service dog Harley. Van Etten revealed he will be returning to the show before presenting the award for Outstanding Younger Actor to Rome Flynn for his role of Zende Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful.

8:56 PM: Sheryl Underwood, dressed as Nurse Jesse Brewer, gave a recap of the past year of General Hospital before bringing to the stage Finola Hughes (Anna Devane, GH) and Michelle Stafford (Nina Cassadine, GH). The actresses presented the award for Outstanding Culinary Host to Lidia Bastianich.

9:02 PM: Next Jamie Farr and Loretta Swift from M.A.S.H honored Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

rome-flynn 9:08 PM: Carolyn Hennesy spoke briefly with Rome Flynn on his win, and asked him if there was anyone he forgot to thank on stage. He thanked the fans and said it was such a joy to play the character. She asked what he planned to do tomorrow. He stated he’d help make his daughter breakfast and then stare at his award some more.

9:09 PM: Mario Lopez and his daughter Gia Francesca Lopez presented the award for Outstanding Entertainment Program in Spanish to Destinos. They also presented the Outstanding Morning Program in Spanish to Despierta America. Finally they presented the award to Outstanding Talent in a Spanish Language Program to Lili Estefan.

9:23 PM Peter Marshall was called back to the stage alongside Tom Bergeron, and the two reminisced about hosting Hollywood Squares. They presented the award for Outstanding Gameshow Host to Wayne Brady for Let’s Make a Deal. They also presented the award for Outstanding Gameshow to The Price is Right.

days-live-backstage-emmys 9:29 PM: Carolyn Hennesy and Larry King presented the award for Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series to Days of our Lives. Head writer Ron Carlivati accepted for the team of writers.

9:35 PM: Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos, GH) presented a clip celebrating 55 years of General Hospital. The clips featured Stone’s death, Robin announcing she was HIV positive at The Nurses’ Ball, Nathan’s funeral, Maxie receiving BJ’s heart, Jason’s return, Luke saving the world from the Ice Princess, and Helena Cassadine (Elizabeth Taylor) cursing Laura and Luke.

9:42 PM: Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton, Days) who was the first actress who won for Outstanding Supporting Actress, first given in 1979 at the 6th awards ceremony. She was nominated alongside Francis Reid (Alice Horton) that year. This year due to a tie in voting there were six nominees. The winner went to Camryn Grimes for the role of Mariah Newman on Y&R. Grimes thanked Sony, CBS, writer Mal Young and her Y&R family. She also dedicated the award to everyone who has dared to dream and dared to love.

9:47 PM: Molly Burnett (Melanie Jonas, Days) and James Bland (Giants) presented the award for Outstanding Digital Drama to The Bay. This is the first time this award has been presented at the Daytime Emmys instead of the Creative Emmy Awards ceremony.

9:52 PM: AJ Gibson and Vivica A. Fox presented the award for Outstanding Morning Program to Good Morning America.

9:58 PM: Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron presented the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor to Greg Vaughan as Eric Brady on Days. Vaughan thanked Ken Corday, Greg Meng, the writing staff and cast of Days. He also thanked Ari Zucker (Nicole Walker), Missy Reeves (Jenn Horton) and Eric Martsolf (Brady Black), along with his mother and children.

10:01 PM: Sheryl Underwood gave a rundown of the year that was on Days of our Lives before introducing Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans Black, Days), who presented Bill and Susan Seaforth-Hayes with their Lifetime Achievement Award. Hall spoke about the duos careers, and played a message from Bryan Cranston who fondly remembered Bill Hayes welcoming him for his one quick scene on Days years ago. A montage of Doug and Julie was shown, along with some of Bill Hayes‘ performances on Days. Days was the first soap that the characters sang on. Susan Seaforth-Hayes time on Y&R was featured. Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth-Hayes took to the stage to a standing ovation and thanked the academy for the honor. They recalled all the daytime talk shows they had appeared on over the years, Susan’s first foray into daytime, and both of their beginnings on Days of our Lives. They went on to thank the Corday family, writers and actors for allowing Days to flourish for 52 years. The couple spoke about the importance of the fans, and how they look at them as part of their family. They discussed how Days took on the hot topic of racial conflict, and today a major triangle involves three young men. They pleaded for daytime dramas to continue to allow them to tell the truth about today’s society, including calling out sexual predators, guns in the wrong hands, and the struggle to make homo and hetero, male and female, and all shades of colors equal.

10:25 PM: Marie Osmond and her nephew David Osmond gave out the award for Outstanding TV Talkshow to The Talk.

10:30 PM: Valerie Bertinelli presented the award for Outstanding Talkshow Host Informative to Steve Harvey.

10:34 PM: Lauralee and Brad Bell spoke about their parents William and Lee Phillip Bell, the creators of Y&R. They also introduced a montage honoring 45 years of Y&R, which included not only clips from past shows, but the different opening credits over the years, along with some amazing catfights.

10:42 PM: Nancy O’Dell and Kevin Frazier from Access Hollywood gave the award to Outstanding Culinary Program to A Chef’s Life.

10:47 PM: Joely Fisher sang as the In Memoriam segment aired.

10:54 PM: Heather Tom, Katherine Kelly Lang and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Katie Logan, Brooke Logan Forrester and Steffy Forrester, B&B) gave the award for Outstanding Lead Actor to James Reynolds for the role of Abe Carver on Days of our Lives. Reynolds thanked the academy, and noted that the walk to the stage from his seat actually took 37 years. He thanked the other actors of color over the past 45 years who won this award. Reynolds also thanked Ken Corday and Greg Meng among others behind the scenes at the show, including the writers and Ron Carlivati. Finally he thanked his wife Lisa and his son, along with everyone in the daytime community.

11:00 PM the hosts of The Talk presented the award for Outstanding Entertainment News Program to Entertainment Tonight.

11:07 PM Kristos Andrews and Anne Marie Cummings introduced a clip of Sid and Marty Krofft‘s award they received at Friday’s Creative Arts Emmys.

11:09 PMThe Bachelor and The Bachelorette’s host Chris Harrison gave out the award for Outstanding Daytime Talkshow Host to the co-hosts of The Reel.

11:13 PM Elizabeth Hubbard, the first winner of Outstanding Lead Actress for The Doctors and Martha Byrne gave out the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series to Eileen Davidson for playing Ashley Abbott on Y&R. Davidson thanked the writers, her TV family, gave her love and respect to everyone in the audience, and finally thanked her mother-in-law and her husband Vincent Van Patten.

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11:18 PM Jane Pauley gave out the big award of the evening, the Outstanding Daytime Drama to Days of our Lives. Ken Corday accepted the award as the cast joined him on stage. He thanked the viewers, NBC, Sony and the writers and directors. He also thanked his father Ted Corday, his mother Betty Corday, and his wife Sherry Corday.

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