Soap operas’ breadth of talent makes it a tough call.

The 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be presented on April 29. Based on the Daytime Emmy reel submissions, I along with’s Editor-In-Chief Christine Fix and Assistant Editor Amy Mistretta have chimed in about who we’d like to see win. But as Christine pointed out, it was often difficult to choose just one winner in every category because, “There were some powerful scenes in the reels.”

Lead Actor

Christine Fix: This was a tough call but GH’s Michael Easton (Finn) gets my vote for Outstanding Lead Actor.

Amy Mistretta: The hardest category to predict – too many good reels – but I pick James Reynolds (Abe, Days), who brought me to tears over his grief involving Theo.

Lori Wilson: There was something I liked about every reel, but I felt Peter Bergman’s (Jack, Y&R) was seamless. And anytime an actor submits full-on comedy and does it well, I’m swayed. He also brought me to tears with his silent reaction to realizing how serious his mother’s Alzheimer’s condition was.

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Lead Actress

Christine: Hands down GH’s Maura West (Ava). As usual, she outshines everyone else for me. Those little nuances in her acting are what make her shine in any scene.

Amy: Another tough bunch, but my vote goes for Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GH), who proved even the toughest character can easily hit rock bottom.

Lori: I agree with Christine in that no emotion is ever one note with Maura West. Her vocal inflections and facial expressions give words a multitude of meanings and feelings. The fact that her most impressive scene was of her lying in bed with half her face bandaged is a testament to her acting abilities.

Supporting Actor

eric-fights-brady-over-nicole-days-hwChristine: I think Days’ Greg Vaughan (Eric) could take home the Outstanding Supporting Actor.

Amy: Greg Vaughn really amped up the emotion. I predict he’ll take the supporting actor award.

Lori: I’m breaking from the pack and picking Wally Kurth. His reel wasn’t big and splashy, but as GH’s Ned Quartermaine, Kurth relayed the quiet romance of his proposal to Olivia, his anger over battling for the family legacy with Michael, and most notably, his thoughtful scenes with his mother Tracy.

Supporting Actress

Christine: I simply can’t choose between Camryn Grimes (Mariah, Y&R) and Marla Adams (Dina, Y&R). Either one could take the statue home.

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Amy: I went back and forth but couldn’t pick one actor over the other in this category.

Lori: Camryn Grimes’ scenes felt the most genuine and impactful to me. There were no false notes from start to finish.

Younger Actor

Christine: I predict another GH actor in Hudson West for Outstanding Younger Actor.

Amy: Between Casey Moss (JJ), Days and Hudson West.

Lori: I am in complete agreement with both Amy and Christine. Hudson West had me in tears when he learned Drew wasn’t his biological father. As the youngest actor in this category, he’s certainly impressive, but I think Casey Moss will take it home due to the material he was given, which he admirably pulled off.

Younger Actress

Christine: If Cait Fairbanks (Tessa, Y&R) doesn’t take the Daytime Emmy I’d be surprised.

Amy: Cait Fairbanks for sure.

Lori: I’m deviating from my colleagues here. I was more drawn to the other actors in this category’s submitted reels than I was the nominated actresses. Except for Chloe Lanier (Nelle, GH). I felt she owned her space and commanded equal focus in her scenes with veteran actors.

Guest Performer

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roger-poses-as-elvis-days-jjChristine: Another tough one but I found GH’s Vernee Watson (Stella) blew the others away!

Amy: John Enos (Roger, Days) for an all-around great guest reel.

Lori: This category surprised me the most. I didn’t expect to enjoy all the performances, but there was something in every reel I liked. I’m torn though. My pick is either Vernee Watson for her quiet, natural scene with TJ or Ryan Ashton (Zach, Y&R) for his vulnerable reaction to Abby trying to convince him she wanted him and his glib take on a sleazy villain.

Who do you want to see win at the Daytime Emmys? Share your picks below.

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– Lori Wilson