Alluring offers and unexpected questions.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Wyatt decides that it’s time for him to get bold with his relationship with Katie, especially since Thorne keeps showing up to flirt with her. Complicating things further, Thorne accidentally grabs her phone. What will he find there and what will he do with it? Meanwhile, Ridge and Brooke wonder what Stephanie would think of them getting married for the eleventh time. As they enjoy some post-wedding sex, Maya and Rick put some heat back into their relationship, while Hope tries to comfort Liam. Check out’s The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to learn who goes to the ultrasound with Steffy.

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Days of our Lives:
Abby unintentionally implicates Gabi when she is questioned by the cops. Eli is soon trying to reassure Gabi that she will be exonerated. Across Salem, suspicions continue to develop about John’s strange behavior. Marlena starts to notice that he’s acting off and Steve makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Claire confronts Ciara about the secret she’s been sharing with Tripp. And Billie returns to town for mysterious reasons. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to find out what Kate sees in the DiMera mausoleum.

General Hospital:
Anna and Felicia share some grieving and then Anna heads over to get some answers from Andre. Drew is also looking for answers, only from Franco. Jason also feels like he needs to get to the bottom of something, particularly after Sam lays into him and Jake asks him an unexpected question. Elsewhere, Ava has reasons to be concerned and Diane has a big announcement to make. Take a look at our General Hospital spoilers to discover who needs some legal advice in Port Charles.

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The Young and the Restless:
JT and Traci spend some time reminiscing about Colleen. But things are a lot less sentimental for everyone else. Jack is gloating his way around the Jabot offices while Phyllis is busy digging for dirt. Not far away, Ashley doesn’t seem to be welcome anywhere as Victoria plots to get her out of the way. On a more positive note, Cane and Lily renew their vows to one another and Nick receives an alluring offer. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers to learn which citizen of Genoa City uncovers a potentially useful secret.

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– Matt Purvis