The Sims Stories: It’s their life but it’s your story!

Anyone who plays PC games knows what a great time can be had. Sims Stories pc games are one addiction that parents everywhere can agree is good for kids in order to get their creative juices flowing. I’ve spent the majority of the afternoon talking to adults about Sims Stories only to have them tell me they’d prefer the game for themselves! For the next few days, readers will see ‘The Sims Stories’ banner displayed on our website.

The Sims Stories is an easy game to play for just about all ages. Uniquely made, “Life Stories” doesn’t just take you on a journey as regular pc games do. It actually allows you to entertain yourself by creating your own storylines, full of romance and dramatic twists – much like a soap opera!

In their ‘open-ended classic mode’, you can create and personalize your Sims family, design their home and then choose how they’ll fulfill their dreams through the moments that you have directed for them! You’re the director, so anything goes. You can create your storyline around popular characters from all of your favorite soap operas, or just create them from your own thoughts. You decide what friends they make, who they date, what career choices they make, where they shop and how their life will be told.

An example taken from the world of soaps would be: (Disclaimer: This is all make-believe and not a spoiler.) Lucas Roberts just got dumped by the beautiful Samantha Brady, after she became pregnant by evil EJ DiMera. Meanwhile, Colleen and Professor Korbel start to date exclusively, after he loses his job at the University. Just who is this Korbel? Do you want to make him evil or good? Zarf has been put in jail because the Pine Valley PD thinks he could be the Satin Slayer, but they will soon find out that Zarf is really rock star Zoe, and the sweetest person you’d ever want to meet. He also will find ‘the one’ Shall we make the Satin Slayer David? What do you think?

Coming February 8, 2007, The Sims Stories “It’s their life, but it’s your story!”

Christine Fix