Soap stars sharing their views on their characters and the changes to their soaps on the red carpet.

Even though the 2017 Daytime Emmys has come and gone, the Television Academy honored the actors of daytime TV with a cocktail celebration in Los Angeles, California as a part of the Primetime Emmys season. chatted with the some of the stars from all four of the network soaps to talk about changes behind the scenes and upcoming storylines for their characters.

While “The Young and the Restless” had the biggest cast turnout, “General Hospital” only generated a few actor sightings. However, every actor was thrilled to be included in the Primetime Emmys celebration honoring all of the great work that is happening on television right now.

The Bold and the Beautiful:

kristyn-and-eric-emmys-receptionOver at “The Bold and the Beautiful,” things have been quite steady for the cast and crew. It’s something that John McCook is very grateful for.

“We are lucky that way because we are family owned. We don’t have any corporate entity, ad agency or network that’s involved like the others do,” said McCook. “The family is very, very steady. That steadiness for us takes one of those anxieties out of the picture. We don’t have to worry about corporate decisions to change the head writers or executive producers. We aren’t subject to that and we know who’s going to be there.”

As for his storyline, he thinks Eric is weathering through Ridge and Quinn’s dalliance because he’s so in love with Quinn.

“All I am doing is telling Eric’s love story with Quinn. He’s in love with her no matter what happens and it might conflict him with his son or other people, but that’s all he’s doing. Everything he’s doing is about his love story with Quinn.”

McCook also has some thoughts about Sheila’s return and how Eric is foolishly dealing with it.

“Yep. Dumb as a rock,” he laughed. “He’s kind, not dumb. He wants to be kind and embracing of everyone until they make them bleed. I love my role.”

Viewers who are looking for Ivy’s return to Los Angeles, Ashleigh Brewer offered fans a little tip to know when she’s back on the show.

“We don’t see her enough, but you are going to see her soon,” she said. “She’s definitely around, she’s in L.A. If I’m in L.A., Ivy’s in L.A. That’s the general rule of thumb.”

Brewer also has some thoughts on what Ivy needs in her life right now — a nice boy!

“She needs someone tall, really nice-looking and not in the family,” said Brewer. “Ivy needs to keep her mouth shut because the guys stick around longer in a peaceful way if she keeps quiet.”

Days of Our Lives:

Everyone in the press line was thrilled to see Kassie DePaiva on the red carpet looking beautiful and healthy after a battle with acute myeloid leukemia.

“I am feeling so good. Every day is one step away from having cancer, I am cancer-free,” DePaiva told “I am feeling very strong. It’s been quite a year this past year.”

The thing DePaiva appreciated the most was the support from the “Days” fans. They really rallied around her during a difficult time.

“Unbelievable! Such an outpouring of love because it really blindsided all of us,” she explained. “My husband [James DePaiva] was amazing through all of it. I am working nowadays, but it won’t start airing until October. Jimmy is working on ‘General Hospital,’ so he is already airing. By the time I get on, his character — I don’t know if he will still be on or not, but it feels good to be back doing what I love.”

Fans should brace themselves because Eve is coming back to cause some trouble in Salem, thanks to head writer Ron Carlivati.

“This rendition of Eve is really going to be exciting and different. I think fans are not going to see that coming and that’s really Ron’s expertise. He knows how to shake things up in a good way and throw some things in that you don’t expect to see,” she said. “I’m excited about that I’m working with this time around, the story and how it’s going to unfold and all the little secrets around the corner. It’s feisty. Eve’s always carrying a big spoon and stirring things up, so she causes trouble. But she wants good things to happen because she thinks she deserves it. She’s coming back with a big secret and will drop a big bombshell.”

kristyn-and-judi-emmys-receptionJudi Evans, who is in the midst of a big storyline with dual roles as Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis and Bonnie Lockhart, loves every minute of the storyline Carlivati has delivered.

“It only gets crazier, better and funner,” Evans exclaimed. “It’s been exciting. Ron hit the ground running and personally as a viewer, I love that there’s comedy, drama, sex — everything I like! You get a lot of variety, which is the spice of life.”

While the fan reaction has been mixed, Evans is embracing both sides of the equation.

“It’s a love it or hate it. They either love it and are 100% in or they don’t even want to think about it. It’s fun because it draws a big reaction one way or the other,” she said. “There is no ‘meh.’ They are either Team Battie or Team Nothing. As an actor, it’s been a dream of mine to play dual roles. It’s something I can check off my bucket list, so thank you, Ron!”

When last spoke with Camila Banus, she was at the beginning of the love triangle between Chad, Gabi and Abigail and now “Days” is at the end of it.

“It’s been seriously insane. We’ve been through a lot of emotions. The fans have hated me and some of them have loved me, but it’s OK,” Banus shared. “It means that we are doing our job and we are getting the stories across by making people feel things. That’s what matters.”

While the challenges have been difficult for her character Gabi, it has also made her stronger.

“It has made her realize that Chad is not a possibility in life. It has extinguished her the last bit of hope,” she said. “She knows she tried all she could, she did her best and that’s not enough because the woman that is in his life, eyes and heart is Abigail. It’s painful, but every part of growth is painful.”

Fans can expect a new chapter for Gabi and it doesn’t involve romance.

“Gabi is next taking her career really seriously. It’s important for her to establish a financial resource for her family and her daughter,” she summed up. “She’s looking forward to making that important in her life.”vanessa-williams-photo-emmys-reception

Vanessa A. Williams is thrilled to bring back Dr. Valerie Grant to Salem. It truly was an honor for her given the legacy of the character.

“This is what was so amazing to know that this character had broken so many racial boundaries and the character was so taboo that had to leave, come back and leave again. Three other wonderful actresses [Tina Andrews, Rose Fonesca and Diane Sommerfield] played this role before I did. It was some big shoes to fill and I felt like I needed to find out as much history as I could. But like every good soap, you come back with a big secret, so that was easy to do.

The one thing that is keeping Williams on her toes as an actor is the pace at which “Days” shoots the show.

“We go so fast that sometimes we don’t even have time to rehearse. In my first days on ‘Days,’ I was in medical jargon hell,” she laughed. “It was bananas. I had three days to learn a week of dialogue.”

General Hospital:

Carolyn Hennesy was one of the few “General Hospital” cast members in attendance, but she’s stumping hard for a Diane Miller return to Port Charles. Where is Diane these days?

“That is a question for the writers and Frank Valentini. I don’t know. I would love to see more of her. The fans would love to see more of her,” Hennesy shared. “I am going back September 20, but now the time between Diane sightings is now getting so, so long. I don’t want to leave for greener pastures, but a girl’s gotta eat.”

However, Port Charles really could use a good dose of Diane.

“Diane is stirring things up or saving the day, so get a tweet campaign going,” she summed up. “Let’s get it trending, kids. ‘Bring Diane back!’”

The Young and the Restless:

The big shake-up at “The Young and the Restless” with Sally Sussman and Kay Alden exiting the show’s writing staff didn’t seem to ruffle Sharon Case at all. She was positive about the changes and Mal Young’s direction as head writer and executive producer.

“We are very excited about having Mal Young head write for us. He’s been producing for the show for some time now and everyone loves him. He’s got a lot of really great ideas and he’s a successful writer on the prior shows he worked on,” Case explained. “We have two weeks dark in October while he puts all of the scripts out, so we are going to get organized and get ahead of the schedule. There are things that are happening in every direction and we love that.”

Case also shared that Young’s on-set demeanor was infectious. His cheerful personality brings a lot of positive energy to the cast.

“We love Mal because he is just so delightful and happy. A lot of writers are quiet, shy, reclusive, yet very intelligent people,” she said. “Mal is always out on the stage floor and he loves socializing, it’s very fun and different for us.”

Case was tight-lipped about her current storyline, so we will see if she was hinting at something major to come.

“Sharon and Scott are doing really well, they haven’t broken up yet, or had a major fight,” she said. “You never know if rough waters are ahead.”

Kate Linder also spoke with and how much she still misses her partner-in-crime on “Y&R,” Jeanne Cooper.

“I miss her all of the time. I can still feel her presence. I miss coming in the room and having her call me ‘Kathy Kate.’ She was the only one to call me that,” reminisced Linder. “I miss her, I miss running lines with her, I miss sitting in the room and talking with her, I miss going to lunch — I miss the little things. We were together over 30 years.”

Linder isn’t letting any of the head writer changes affect her. She’s happy to be there on “Y&R” after 35 years because she confides that “whatever they have in store for Esther, I know it’s going to be great.” She does think it’s time for Esther to have a love interest, though.

“It would be great if Esther had a man,” she laughed. “It’s been a long time and she always messes it up anyway, but it would be fun.”

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