A full list of holiday movie favorites.

Each year the Hallmark Channel runs its Christmas Keepsake Week in July. From Friday July 14 through Sunday July 23 the network will air encores of past holiday favorite movies, plus a new original movie premiere starring “The Bold and the Beautiful” alum Patrick Duffy (Stephen Logan) titled “The Christmas Cure.”

The story surrounds an emergency room doctor named Vanessa (Brooke Nevin) who returns home for the holidays only to learn her father patrick-duffy-hallmark-christmas-in-july-smBruce (Duffy) plans to retire and close the family medical practice. During her holiday vacation, Vanessa puts in some time at Bruce’s clinic where she reunites with Mitch (Steve Byers), her high school sweetheart. As the days go on, Vanessa realizes what’s been missing in her life – personal connections and family memories – and must decide whether to return to Los Angeles or take over her family’s practice. Not to mention, rekindle a relationship with Mitch.

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Tune in for the premiere of “The Christmas Cure” on Saturday July 15 at 9:00 PM and take note of the complete schedule of previously aired Christmas favorites, which goes as follows…

Friday July 14:
“A Very Merry Mix-Up” at 2:00 PM.
“A Dream of Christmas” at 4:00 PM.
“My Christmas Love” at 6:00 PM.
“Love You Like Christmas” at 8:00 PM.

Saturday July 15:
“A Rose for Christmas” at 9:00 AM.
“On the Twelfth Day of Christmas” at 11:00 AM.
“A Christmas Detour” at 1:00 PM.
“Looks Like Christmas” at 3:00 PM.
“The Mistletoe Promise” at 5:00 PM.
“A December Bride” at 7:00 PM.
“The Christmas Cure” at 9:00 PM – A world premiere original.

Sunday July 16:
“Gifts of Christmas” at 9:00 AM.
“Crown for Christmas” at 11:00 AM.
“A Royal Christmas” at 1:00 PM.
“A Wish for Christmas” at 3:00 PM.
“Christmas Cookies” at 5:00 PM.
“Christmas Under Wraps” at 7:00 PM.
“Christmas List” at 9:00 PM.

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Monday July 17:
“Just in Time for Christmas” at 2:00 PM.
“A Rose for Christmas” at 4:00 PM.
“My Christmas Dream” at 6:00 PM.
“Christmas in Homestead” at 8:00 PM.

Tuesday July 18:
“Let it Snow” at 2:00 PM.
“12 Gifts of Christmas” at 4:00 PM.
“A Heavenly Christmas” at 6:00 PM.
“Sleigh Bells Ring” at 8:00 PM.

Wednesday July 19:
“A Bride for Christmas” at 2:00 PM.
“Christmas List” at 4:00 PM.
“Every Christmas has a Story” at 6:00 PM.
“The Mistletoe Promise” at 8:00 PM.

Thursday July 20:
“Christmas Land” at 2:00 PM.
“Christmas Cookies” at 4:00 PM.
“A Wish for Christmas” at 6:00 PM.
“Looks Like Christmas” at 8:00 PM.

Friday July 21:
“When Calls the Heart Christmas” at 2:00 PM.
“A Cookie Cutter Christmas” at 4:00 PM.
“Christmas Under Wraps” at 6:00 PM.
“A December Bride” at 8:00 PM.

Saturday July 22:
“Merry Matrimony” at 9:00 AM.
“Once Upon a Holiday” at 11:00 AM.
“A Perfect Christmas” at 1:00 PM.
“A Christmas Melody” at 3:00 PM.
“Christmas in Homestead” at 5:00 PM.
“Love You Like Christmas” at 7:00 PM.
“The Mistletoe Promise” at 9:00 PM.

Sunday July 23:
“I’m not Ready for Christmas” at 9:00 AM.
“Sleigh Bells Ring” at 11:00 AM.
“Christmas Incorporated” at 1:00 PM.
“A Dream of Christmas” at 3:00 PM.
“A Heavenly Christmas” at 5:00 PM.
“Every Christmas has a Story” at 7:00 PM.
“My Christmas Love” at 9:00 PM.

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– Amy Mistretta