Love and marriage go hand in hand but for some soapy characters, love and marriage and marriage go hand in hand!

Just like real life, some people are lucky in love and some are not. Soap characters are no different. What is interesting is not just how many times they marry, it’s how many times they marry each other. brings you the many marriages that took place.

Bold and the Beautiful:

Episode # 7589Brooke Logan Spencer:
Brooke Logan came on the scene a bright innocent ingenue who believed in ‘destiny’ and who quickly married starting with Eric Forrester, twice, Ridge Forrester six times, then Grant Chambers, Thorne Forrester, Eric’s son, Whip Jones and Nick Marone each once. She was to marry Ridge in Australia but his shenanigans with Quinn Forrester, his step-mother, caused Brooke to end that and she instead married ‘Dollar’ Bill Spencer Jr. Brooke has had more relationships in her life than most have had shoes. Total marriages: 12

Steffy Forrester Spencer:WEDDINGS
Steffy Spencer was born the older twin of dead sister Phoebe. She has had trysts with lots of men including Liam’s dad, Bill Spencer, but married three times, once to Wyatt Fuller and twice to Liam in Australia. Total marriages: 3

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RickRick Forrester:
An extremely jealous person, Rick Forrester is particularly jealous of Ridge Forrester, his supposed half-brother. Rick is the son of Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan Spencer. Rick married Maya Avant, Caroline Spencer each once and Amber Moore twice. Total marriages: 4

Days of our Lives:

Samantha Brady DiMera:
Sami Brady was born onscreen in Salem and was named after her Episode # 10338deceased aunt Samantha, and her mom’s best friend, Eugene Bradford. She was married once each to Lucas Horton, Austin Reed, Brandon Walker, Rafe Hernandez and twice to EJ Wells DiMera. Total marriages: 6

EJ DiMera:
EJ DiMera was the product of Susan Banks and Stefano DiMera. Following in his father’s footsteps, EJ was a black glove criminal, who after having twins with Sami, vowed to turn himself around for their sake and Sami’s love. EJ, murdered by his bodyguard with help from Clyde Weston, married Samantha Brady Horton DiMera twice, Nicole Walker and Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera once. Total marriages: 4

hall hogestyn 8580 2Dr. Marlena Evans Black:
Marlena Evans was a psychiatrist in Bayview Sanitarium when she was drugged by her twin sister, Samantha, who then stole her identity and put Marlena in the asylum. Don Craig noticed her change in personality and got Marlena released. She married Alex Marshall, Don Craig, Roman Brady, Gene Bradford all once and John Black five times, though most of those were invalid. Total marriages: 9

General Hospital:

Caroline “Carly” Benson Corinthos:
Carly Corinthos came to Port Charles to ruin her mother’s life and she did a pretty good job. Bobbie Spencer had given Carly up for adoption and Carly was so mad she had sex with her mother’s husband and Episode # 13347wrecked their marriage. Carly has been looking for happiness all her life and she married seven times to find it. She married Alan Quartermaine, Lorenzo Alcazar and to Jasper “Jax” Jacks once each, and Sonny Corinthos four times. She is currently married to Sonny. Total marriages: 7

Michael “Sonny” Corinthos:
Port Charles’ badboy, Sonny Corinthos first showed his face as owner of a strip club. He had a horrible childhood, got connected to the mob and had his stepfather killed in revenge. He married and divorced, Brenda Barrett, Claudia Zacchara and Lily Rivera who both died, and Carly Benson four times. Total marriages: 7

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Episode # 13799Ned Ashton Quartermaine:
Ned Ashton Quartermaine was left at the altar by Monica Quartermaine’s daughter Dawn Winthrop when she found he’d had an affair with her mom. His maternal uncle Alan Quartermaine was so mad he beat Ned up. Next Ned fell for Jenny Eckert but she wasn’t in love with him. She married him anyway but they divorced soon after. Gee, who saw that coming? After Jenny, he married Lois Cerullo, Katherine Bell and Chloe Morgan. He’s currently engaged to Olivia Falconeri. Total marriages: 4

The Young and the Restless:

Episode #8337Jill Foster Abbott:
Jill Foster was a manicurist in Genoa City with big dreams. She met Katherine Chancellor and saw her chance to escape her meager existence by becoming Kay’s paid companion. Jill and Kay became good friends but that didn’t stop Jill from jumping into bed with Katherine’s husband Phillip. She was soon pregnant with Phillip III. Later in life she found out she was a Fenmore. She married Brock Reynolds, Phillip Chancellor, Derek Thurston, Stuart Brooks, Rex Sterling, Colin Atkinson once each and John Abbott twice. Total marriages: 8

Nikki Reed Newman:
As a young woman, Nikki Reed’s father tried to rape her and she killed him. She arrived in Genoa City with a sexually transmitted disease – thanks to Paul Williams – and got work as a stripper where she, a married woman, met Victor Newman, her customer. She was married once to an unknown male, then Greg Foster, Kevin Bancroft, nikki-victor-1980s-yr-CBS-1024x598Tony DiSalvo, Jack Abbott, Deacon Sharpe, Dr. Joshua Landers, David Chow and to her soulmate Victor Newman three times. Total marriages: 11

Victor Newman:
Victor Newman grew up in an orphanage and ran away when he was in his teens. He built Newman Enterprises from the ground up and has become one of the most powerful men in the world. Married fourteen, yes fourteen times, he married Sharon Collins Abbott Newman, Sabrina Costelana, Julia Newman, Meggie McClaine, Leanna Love Randolph, Hope Adams Wilson once each, Ashley Abbott twice, Diane Jenkins and Nikki Reed both three times. Total marriages: 14

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