would like to extend a hearty congratulation to Samantha M. Lyons, of Statesvile, NC. Samantha was one of thousands of readers who participated in the “Soaps Magazine Contest”, that ran from December 15 2006 to January 19 2007. The contest promised readers a chance to win 100 magazines, just for filling out a survey on our website.

Samantha is a “Cosmo” girl! She has enjoyed a subscription to Cosmopolitan in the past, and will now have the pleasure of having a subscription to the other magazines from her prize package! Samantha will soon have plenty to read! Her prize package includes : 26 issues of Soap Opera Digest, 13 issues of Cosmopolitan, 12 issues of CBS Soaps in Depth, 12 issues of ABC Soaps in Depth, 26 issues of TV Guide, and 12 issues of Glamour!

Samantha is a huge fan of General Hospital and this is what she had to say about “I love because when I miss anything, [viewing the show] the updates are very detailed. I feel like I didn’t miss a thing just from reading up on my GH . It is just wonderful!!”
We’re all really happy to make this announcement and hope that Samantha enjoys the magazines as much as we do! would like to thank all those who participated in the Soaps Magazine Contest! We’d like to give a special thanks to all those readers who left feedback in your entry form! We are enjoying reading the feedback, and are making a list of any interesting ideas that those of you took the time to make note of!


Christine Fix