Addled brains and doubtful divorces.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Katie remains convinced that there is something sexy going on between Ridge and Quinn. But Brooke’s reaction to her suspicions leaves her startled. Meanwhile, Thomas asks Sally to go with him to Australia for Liam and Steffy’s wedding. However, things get awkward thanks to the couple they are sitting beside. Check out’s The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to learn what else is ahead.

Days of our Lives:
The tension continues to churn as Chad and Abby try to act like a couple in public but he can’t get his thoughts about Gabi out of his addled brain. Meanwhile, Victor thinks there must be something wrong with Brady’s brain when he learns that he’s trying to smuggle Nicole away. Across Salem, Ciara tells Claire that she has feelings for Theo and Joey tries to drop Jade without hurting her too much. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to find out who Eric kisses.

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General Hospital:
Carly’s on the warpath and Ava gets in her way. While Sonny tries to make up for his transgression, Dante urges his father to make some major life changes. The cop might have to make some of his own as he continues attempting to defuse things for his family and some explosives. Across Port Charles, Liz does something to move Sam but panics over what Helena’s influence may have done to Jake. Take a look at’s General Hospital spoilers to discover who can’t escape the inevitable.

The Young and the Restless:
Lily starts to worry when she discovers how much time Cane has been spending with Juliet outside of the office. She’s not the only one with relationship questions either. Jack tries to make things crystal clear to Gloria about where they stand. Meanwhile, Billy has a surprise for Victoria and Ravi has one for Ashley. And Devon is having more misgivings about whether or not he should go ahead with his divorce. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers to learn who needs help from Phyllis.

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– Matt Purvis