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Tearful, fearful and cheerful.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Ridge spends the week defending himself against the suspicions of the Logan women. First, Katie confronts him about what’s going on between him and Quinn. Then Brooke comes back to town and grills him about what he was getting into while she was away. Steffy has some questions of her own since she can’t get her head around why Quinn put Ridge forward for the co-CEO position at Forrester. Check out’s The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to learn who Thomas starts plotting with.

Days of our Lives:
While Nicole uses tears to try to get through to Chloe, Deimos starts hurling threats. But he has plenty of other women to threaten too. Gabi ends up in the sights of his gun as Jennifer joins together with other Salemites to get their hands on the Orwell device. And when Eduardo gets distraught over what’s happened to Dario, Kate is there to comfort him. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to find out what upsetting news Shawn and Ciara get.

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General Hospital:
Things heat up as Anna tears into Valentin and Nina goes on the defensive. Meanwhile, Sam desperately searches for Jason as things go sour between him and Sonny. Across Port Charles, Liz finally reunites with Franco. While the nurse is opening up to him, Sonny is trying to pry some information out of Ava. And Alexis looks for a way to recover what’s left of her life. Take a look at’s General Hospital spoilers to discover who makes a peaceful gesture.

The Young and the Restless:
The prospect of a life without Dylan looms large for Sharon, Nikki and Paul. As they try to cope with what that might be like, the other residents of Genoa City head for The Underground for a party. Jack is not in a celebratory mood though. He makes a confession to his sister and his week goes downhill from there. Meanwhile, Ravi notices that Ashley’s a bit different than he thought she was. And Phyllis’ plans to revamp her life run off course. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers to learn who is fighting with Victor now.

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– Matt Purvis