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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Eric backed up Quinn’s offer and urged Steffy to take the CEO position at Forrester – and to give her marriage to Wyatt a chance. After Eric insisted he would only offer the position to her, not Ridge or Rick, Steffy discussed it with Liam, who warned that Quinn had an ulterior motive and asked her not to take the job. Meanwhile, Ridge and Brooke made love before Ridge visited Eric with news of their reunion. When Ridge suggested Eric allow him and Brooke to lead the company, Eric informed Ridge, and Rick, that he and Quinn already asked Steffy to take the CEO position. After Ridge urged Steffy not to be Quinn’s puppet by accepting the position, Steffy was offended that everyone believed she was naïve. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to hear what Quinn did to Katie after she witnessed her kissing Eric.

Days of our Lives:
Deimos witnessed Hope and an inmate named Chili in a physical altercation. Due to the pain he caused Hope, in regards to Bo, Deimos paid Chili to protect her. Elsewhere, Rafe and Shawn learned Stefano had been dying and possibly used Hope as a form of suicide. Nicole returned from Paris and questioned Philip about Chloe and her baby. After Philip deterred her questions, Nicole confided to Deimos how she and Daniel once planned for Chloe to be their surrogate. Deimos believed Philip knew more than he’d let on, wondered if Chloe could be pregnant with Nicole’s baby then had Philip kidnapped and drugged. Andre, who put distance between Chad and Gabi, visited Abby and stated it was time for her to reunite with her husband. Before she could do so, Abby was spotted by Dario and threatened to reveal his illegal activities (handbags containing hidden DiMera microchips) if he didn’t keep her presence a secret. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps for details surrounding Adrienne’s cancer diagnosis, as well as Eve’s return.

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General Hospital:
Kiki agreed to help Franco keep Port Charles safe from Tom Baker, as Julian offered to stay quiet about Alexis running him down if she helped him recover. All the while, evidence led Jason and Curtis to believe Julian planted the bomb in his own car – the bomb that killed Morgan. Elsewhere, Michael convinced Nelle to go to the holiday gala with him. When Sonny voiced concern over Michael’s date, Michael suggested Sonny focus on Carly. Lulu felt a connection to Charlotte at GH and wondered to Dante if she could be her daughter. Later, Lulu collected a strand of Charlotte’s hair and along with Maxie traveled to a doctor’s office and learned Claudette had been a surrogate. After the doctor locked Lulu and Maxie in a room, he alerted Valentin to his captives. It wasn’t long before Valentin, with Nathan and Dante on his tail, appeared and revealed that he and Lulu were Charlotte’s parents. Meanwhile, Anna continued her investigation on Valentin, certain there was something very familiar about him. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to find out how Dr. Lee revealed the sex of Jason and Sam’s baby.

The Young and the Restless:
Hilary went ahead with Dylan’s edited interview, which led to Devon firing her for not caring about ruining other people’s lives in exchange for high ratings. Devon then hired Mariah as the new GC Buzz host. At the hospital, Nick learned Christian was allergic to strawberries and allowed Dylan and Sharon some time with his son. Before court was called back into session, Michael suggested that Dylan and Sharon make Nick out to be a neglect parent, due to the mishap surrounding Christian’s allergy. In the end, Dylan and Sharon refused to fight dirty and lost visitation rights to Christian. Dylan began to reconsider his options. Traci gathered the family at the mansion to bring back the Abbott tradition of sharing breakfast together. Though Traci warned Jack that their father would want him and Billy to make things right, Jack lashed out at Billy and deemed him no longer an Abbott. Read The Young and the Restless day-ahead recaps to learn about Jack’s goodbye to Phyllis.

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