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Doppelgangers, buried alive, and exhumations, all part of some of the most chilling moments in soap opera history.

With Halloween around the corner, and the soap stars getting into the Halloween spirit, decided to take a look back at some of the scariest and most disturbing moments on soaps. Be sure to read our past article Top 20 creepiest soap opera moments for a look at some other great stories, such as The Salem Slasher on Days of our Lives, The Black and White Ball murders on General Hospital, The opening of Barnaby Collins’ grave on Dark Shadows, and so many more. Feel free to leave your own favorites in the comments.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Aly’s descent into madness

Aly Forrester blamed Steffy and Maya for ruining her life, going so far as to creating a pin board filled with stalkerish pictures of the women. With the ghost of her mother egging her on, Ally tried to kill Steffy along the roadside one night much like her mother Darla had died, but ended up losing her own life in the process.

A not-so-dead ex
Ridge Forrester kept spotting his ex-wife Taylor alive an in L.A. years after she was shot dead by Sheila Carter. To get to the truth, Ridge dug up her coffin, opened it up, and came face to face with a dummy of Taylor. Taylor’s death was faked and she had been held hostage for three years by Prince Omar of Monaco.

Days of our Lives

Rachel Blake: The Woman in White 

Peter Blake took Jennifer Horton to his hometown of Aremid to propose, only to find his old home haunted by “The Woman in White.” In time it was revealed she was not a ghost, but Peter’s mother who was thought killed in an explosion, but hid in the house and had gone crazy over the years.

Hope’s doppelganger Princess Gina 
During the four years that Hope Brady was presumed dead, Stefano brainwashed her into thinking she was Princess Gina Von Amberg. However the real Princess Gina was alive, held captive by Stefano in a European castle, was very crazy and was out for revenge against Stefano and Hope.

General Hospital

The tale of two Lukes

As a young boy, Luke Spencer accidentally killed his mother Lena and later murdered his abusive father Tim. He blocked both deaths out, but years later his personality fractured into two Lukes. He regularly had conversations with the corpse of his look-a-like cousin Bill Eckert which he dug up and hid in the old Spencer house.

The Duke mask
Cesar Faison’s obsession with Anna DeVane reached new heights when he had her lover Duke Lavery imprisoned in a mental hospital so that he could parade around as Duke in a high-tech mask. After months his plan was foiled when Robert Scorpio figured him out and dissolved his mask with hot oil, while Faison was wearing it!

The Young and the Restless

Plastic surgery nightmare!

Mary Jane Benson was brought to Genoa City by Victor Newman to get revenge on Jack Abbott. Mary Jane was off her rocker and in a shocking twist was revealed to be Doug William’s sister Patty, who Victor had given plastic surgery too. She was also Jack’s ex-wife who once tried to kill him. Nutty Patty’s best friend was her stuffed cat.

Your biggest fan
Shawn Garret was the president of singer Lauren Fenmore’s fan club on Young and the Restless. His obsession with her led him to kidnap Lauren. When she refused all his advances, he buried her alive in a grave next to his mother. Lauren’s husband, Paul Williams, managed to save her just in time with the help of psychic Tamra Logan who led him to the grave.

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