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Cathy Rankin is back to dish on the highlights from last week’s shows in the Soaps’s Round-Up.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Despite Steffy’s pleas for Wyatt to stay quiet, he found Ridge trying to throw Quinn out of the Forrester mansion and ordered him out instead by revealing Quinn had Eric’s power-of-attorney. Quinn scolded Ridge for breaking his father’s heart then retreated to Eric’s bedroom, where her kiss awoke him from sleep. After Wyatt went home and told Steffy he revealed the truth to his mother, she ended their marriage and told Liam she wanted him back. Ridge was then forced to make an upsetting announcement at Forrester. Elsewhere, Sasha didn’t want to come between Thomas and his family and urged him to go back to Caroline and Douglas. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps for Nicole and Zende’s reaction to Rick and Maya asking her to be a surrogate for another Forrester baby.

Days of our Lives:
Aiden taunted Rafe about reclaiming Hope, as Hope confessed to Jenn that she’d murdered Stefano, which led to Aiden’s blackmail. Many joined forces, rivals and otherwise, in an attempt to trap Clyde, Xander and Orpheus. While Chad worked on a plan to protect Thomas from Clyde, Andre took another mysterious phone call, met with Clyde and expressed wanting control of DiMera Enterprises. He convinced Clyde to become his ally and helped Clyde get into the mansion in order for him to kill Chad – and take Thomas to Ben. As chaos ensued, Chad was shot but in the end the trick was on Clyde, who, with Andre’s help, ended up arrested. Meanwhile, Xander held Nicole at gunpoint and met Deimos, who promised to trade Theresa for Nicole. After Nicole protested, Deimos chloroformed her. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to learn who suffered at the hands of Orpheus during several explosions throughout Salem as he put the next stage of his plan in motion.

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General Hospital:
Jason and Dante worked frantically to find Morgan, who’d stolen Julian’s car that exploded and went over a cliff. As Julian realized that someone had meant to kill him, Sonny arrived at the accident site and learned Morgan had been the victim of the attempted mob hit. Dante believed Sonny put the hit on Julian and informed his father that they planned to do a DNA test on the partial remains located at the scene. After Sonny told Carly that Morgan was dead, she blamed him for the death of their son. Michael blamed Sonny as well. Julian reported the news to Ava, who was devastated and recalled switching Morgan’s meds. Kiki was overcome with grief too, especially when she learned Morgan believed she’d had sex with Dillon in the boathouse. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to find out what Maxie told Nathan regarding Charlotte’s paternity after they met the little girl, as well as details surrounding Nina’s heartbreaking news.

The Young and the Restless:
Many paid their respects at the roadside memorial on the anniversary of Delia’s death, as Chloe stared at a photo of Adam. After Paul paid Patty a brief visit, Mariah arrived and gave Patty instructions on how Sharon planned to break her out. It wasn’t long before Patty gave the performance of a lifetime. Vikki bailed Travis out of jail, but left Billy to Jill. As Vikki assured Travis she trusted him, Billy flipped on Jill for interfering in his love life, moved out of the mansion and threatened to quit Brash & Sassy. Elsewhere, Phyllis tapped into Jack’s laptop, uncovered his mole at Newman Enterprises and later watched him switch briefcases with a man in the park. It wasn’t long before Ashley forced Phyllis to confess her espionage to Jack, who was stunned when Phyllis insisted they take Victor down together. Read The Young and the Restless day-ahead recaps to hear about the product revealed at Brash & Sassy’s launch party.

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– Amy Mistretta