The Instagram feeds of some of daytime’s most attractive fellows remind us just how handsome they are.

Aaah, hotness…What is it that draws us to people? What is it that draws us to the beauty embodied by our favorite soap hunks? Philosophers, psychologists, even doctors have been for centuries cogitating on the question of why we find certain qualities attractive in others. has its theories too.

In her book, “Survival of the Prettiest,” psychologist Nancy Etcoff asked the head of a male modeling agency about this topic. He said, “It’s when someone walks into the room and you almost can’t breathe…You can feel it rather than see it.” Soap fans have this experience at least one to four times a day when we watch our soaps, so we know the feeling well.

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Part of it is simply the chemical/physiological reaction to the physical appeal of soap operas’ leading men. We can’t get enough of some of the younger ones who are strapping, with defined features and lean, muscular bodies. Then there are the slightly older ones, who have undeniable physical charm, but they also exude a wisdom and stability that comes in mid-life. Then we have the silver foxes. They have good looks, indeed, but they also convey a magnetism cultivated over time. Sadly, the silver foxes aren’t so active on Instagram, but they did deserve a very honorable mention.

Below you’ll find snapshots of soap hunks being coy and flirtatious, making us laugh, being attentive dads, having fun with other soap hunks, and being pensive poolside. The best part of all these is…they’re doing it all with their shirts off!

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Me and my stud.

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– Akbi Khan