Shocked, stunned, and out for revenge.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Bill and Brooke’s plans hit an unexpected complication… RJ. This sends Steffy and Thomas into a panic, but that’s nothing compared to the latest family freak out after Eric sends them all an email they were not anticipating. Even Thorne and Felicia show up as they gang together to try to talk the patriarch around, but it only leads to he and Quinn telling them the real score. Check out The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to learn who else is making Steffy’s life miserable.

Days of our Lives:
Victor and Deimos put aside their feud to try to pull the family together until all of the escaped convicts are captured. Deimos still finds the time to send Dario sniffing after Chloe. Across Salem, Claire makes her family flip out when she goes missing. Meanwhile, Steve is shocked to find that Orpheus has taken his family hostage. And Eve manages to make things uncomfortable for Justin. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to find out who bonds when they are stuck in the panic room.

Where are they now? Mario Lopez makes surprise visit to The Max

General Hospital:
While Port Charles waits for a crucial verdict, Maxie continues trying to get some dirt on Claudette, but this distraction may not pay off after Nathan is on the receiving end of some shocking news. He’s not the only one. Naomi and Hayden have to have a special heart to heart and someone from Finn’s past rears their head to upset his life. Read’s General Hospital spoilers to discover who pushes Sonny to take a stand.

The Young and the Restless:
Things could get nasty at Brash & Sassy while Travis stands between Billy and Victoria. Billy is probably more worried about his brother being on the warpath. After Phyllis gives him the details of her devious dalliance with his brother, he realizes that Jill knew and has been keeping it from him. While Jill jumps onto Jack’s enemies list, Mariah isn’t about to let Chloe off of hers and starts to dig into her pregnancy as Chloe lets Kevin get closer to her. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers to learn whose past is haunting them in Genoa City.

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– Matt Purvis