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Several soap opera fan favorites have come back from near-fatal shootings.

Thankfully, soap opera characters often have miraculous healing powers. Perhaps this is one reason so many soap characters have been shot multiple times and gone on to live happy, healthy lives. Others have been shot on numerous occasions, eventually succumbing to the injuries they suffered. However, at, we never say never. We hope for the return of the dearly departed among characters who have been injured by gunfights. Of course, with several fearsome villains now on the loose on “Days of our Lives,” many Salem residents run the risk of being wounded by gunshots.

Episode # 5297Katie Logan on Bold and the Beautiful: 
The glamorous characters on “B&B” generally stay far from gun violence. Of course, they have been known to be shot in an altogether different way—by the flattering lens of a fashion photographer’s camera! However, Storm Logan did accidentally shoot his sister, Katie Logan. Distraught over the accident, he shot and killed himself in order to make sure the sister he loved dearly got his heart, which she needed to survive the terrible mishap. We still get misty thinking of Katie finding out that Storm took his own life to save hers. This heartbreaking story is a reminder that love, not violence, conquers all on soaps.

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EJ DiMera on Days of Our Lives:
James Scott, Alison Sweeney "Days of our Lives" Set NBC Studios Burbank 7/14/10 © Paul Skipper/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 11412 U.S.Airdate 9/3/10

One thing we love about soaps is that no one is ever really dead. Soap characters can come back from anything—and we mean anything! We can always hope that’s true of the dashing EJ DiMera on “Days.” When Sami agreed to marry EJ under the duress of blackmail, her son, Will, shot EJ at the altar. Though they did find true love eventually, Sami shot the handsome legal eagle in the head, which resulted in him suffering a coma and then amnesia. Finally, his own bodyguard gunned EJ down, ending his life, devastating many Salem residents and “Days” viewers. Maybe one day Salemites will learn that Clyde Weston was behind his untimely death.

Jason Morgan on General Hospital:
Steve Burton "General Hospital" Set The Prospect Studios ABC Studios Los Angeles 02/14/11 ©Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 12262 U.S.Airdate 03/15/11Jason Morgan (Steve Burton, then Billy Miller) entered the Port Charles underworld after a head injury changed his personality from Quartermaine golden boy to brooding Mafioso. His first injury as a result of his life in organized crime came at the hands of the Tin Man. The deranged Jerry Jacks shot Jason not once, but twice. However, this gave Sam the chance to tend to his wounds, which led to a reunion for the lovebirds. Ewen Keenan also put a bullet in the ever-resilient Jason’s leg. Often if Jason’s not toting a gun, there’s one aimed at him.

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Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless:
Ray Wise, Eric Braeden "The Young and the Restless" Set CBS television City Los Angeles 06/01/16 © Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 10959 U.S. Airdate 07/06/16

We know “Y&R’s” Victor Newman can dish it out. He’s notorious for endlessly manipulating his children’s lives and tormenting his nemesis, Jack Abbott. However, let’s not forget he can take a punch—or, in this case, a bullet—and bounce back. Mari Jo Mason shot The Mustache, which caused a sympathetic Nikki to find her way back to him. One of Genoa City’s most unbalanced residents, Patty Williams, also shot Victor. He needed and got a heart transplant as a result of that injury. Most recently he intercepted a bullet meant for Nikki at the courthouse, preventing the diabolical Ian Ward from harming her.