Three dangerous revenge plots rolled up in one.

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Cathy Rankin is back dishing on all the soap goodness from this past week in the Soaps’ Roundup:

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Dodgers’ player Enrique Hernandez met with Maya and announced she’d be singing the national anthem at his game. Maya went on to sing The Star Spangled Banner and thanked Rick for making her dream come true. Elsewhere, Steffy warned Bill she wouldn’t return to Wyatt with Quinn still around. After Eric summonsed Steffy to the mansion, she was devastated to hear his plans to marry Quinn and vowed to rid her from the Forrester family. Steffy then delivered the news to Ridge and Rick and insisted Brooke marry Bill as soon as possible in order to oust Quinn – and Eric – from the company. When Eric arrived at work, he told his objecting family that Quinn would be the next Forrester matriarch whether they liked it or not. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps for RJ’s reaction to Brooke and Bill’s upcoming nuptials upon his return to LA.

Days of our Lives:
Claire convinced Shawn to go to Hong Kong with Belle. Victor led Brady to the morgue and made him believe that he had Titus Drew, who he claimed had been the real Tatenapper, killed. Eduardo, disguised as a guard, boarded the prison transfer van and attacked a man for threatening his family. When the van went off the road, Orpheus, Clyde and Xander, who were in it as well, escaped. Orpheus made his way to the Kiriakis mansion, where many awaited Brady and Theresa’s wedding, and held Eve at gunpoint, as Xander found Theresa taking care of a dress issue at the townhouse. During the madness of both hostage situations, Orpheus let some go, while taking a shot at others, as Brady rescued Theresa from being strangled by Xander. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to learn what happened to Kate when Clyde got his hands on her and about the plans surrounding Hope and Ciara that Aiden shared with Chase.

NEWS! Eddie Cibrian to Rosewood

General Hospital:
Paul assured Ava he’d selected a good jury, as Scott met with Julian before his trial and explained his plans to discredit Alexis, who later fell apart on the stand. Over at the hospital, Franco agreed to get the diamonds for Hayden in exchange for saving Liz, leaving Hayden to admit to Finn that she wouldn’t have let Liz die, even if Franco had refused her deal. Hayden then learned from Liz that she’d had the diamonds turned over to the police, which led to a screaming match – and Franco breaking it up by blurting out the truth, that they were sisters. Elsewhere, after Monica learned the hospital was at risk of being shut down, Paul stuck her with a syringe. Sabrina caught Paul and realized he was the killer, which sealed her fate. It wasn’t long before Felix and Michael, who’d planned to propose, found Sabrina dead. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to find out how Tracy responded to Sabrina’s death.

The Young and the Restless:
Billy didn’t buy Jill’s medical crisis during their argument over him bedding his brother’s wife. After calling 911, Jill was diagnosed with acid reflux but made Billy think it’d been due to stress – from him. She then confided Billy and Phyllis’ affair to Colin. Meanwhile, Phyllis admitted to Jack that he reminded her of Marco but agreed to counseling in order to fix their marriage. As Phyllis ended the affair with Billy, Collin offered Jack the goods on Phyllis for one million bucks – despite Jill’s warning to stay quiet. Colin ended up withholding the information, for the sake of his marriage, but Ashley suspected the affair, which Billy admitted to, and later told Jack that Billy was in love with Phyllis. Read The Young and the Restless day-ahead recaps for the fallout after Jack confronted Billy and Phyllis about the affair and what Victoria had to say to Billy when she heard the news.

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– Amy Mistretta