Guest starring roles we’ve loved!

Soaps have featured some unique cameos from movie and TV stars, to business moguls, to celebrity personalities. looks back at some past wacky and entertaining soap opera guest star stints.

Sheryl Underwood as Emmy, The Bold and the Beautiful:
What a treat it was to see Sheryl Underwood in scenes with Bill. She seemed tailored for the part of Emmy, the loyal city clerk willing to come back to work after hours to help out Bill. Emmy had an important task – determining whether or not Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage was valid. But that didn’t stop her from making time to ogle Dollar Bill in his tight shirt, flirt her heart out with him, and even invite him over for a night of ‘Netflix and chill’! With her punchy, entertaining one-liners, Underwood was guest star gold.

"Days of our Lives" Set Guest Starring Donald Trump

Donald Trump as himself, Days of our Lives:
Eleven years before his turn as Republican Party presidential nominee, billionaire-reality star, turned politician, Donald Trump made a special appearance on “Days.” After a business meeting with Mickey, The Donald bumped into Nicole, who tried to convince him to give her a job. While Nicole didn’t get her wish, Trump did grant his reality show “The Apprentice” a shameless plug before hightailing it out of Salem with his millions intact. Who would have guessed that years later, he’d be in the running for the role of President?!


James Franco as Franco, General Hospital:
When film actor/writer James Franco announced he wanted to join “General Hospital,” it created quite a buzz in the entertainment industry. For months, soap viewers and movie critics alike tuned in to see Franco play murderous artist Franco. James Franco used his “GH” stint as an experiment in performance art, but he also wanted to assess whether or not soaps were a legitimate supplier of professional acting and entertainment. By guest starring in such a unique role, the popular actor did indeed prove that a fascinating character can be played just as well in a soap opera as they can in a movie.

Episode # 10957

Ray Wise as Ian Ward, The Young and the Restless:
Originally only contracted for a 10-day guest star stint, primetime actor Ray Wise went on to fulfill several major storyline arcs on “Y&R.” Best known for his “Twin Peaks” role, Wise has a history of playing creepy characters and his work on “Y&R” was no different. As downright slimy and devilish 70’s cult leader, Ian Ward, Wise was transfixing as he taunted Nikki, schemed against Victor, and pranced around town flashing his trademark wicked grin. Who can forget him donning a Devil costume as he set fire to Newman Enterprises? Wise played the part with gusto, making wacky look mesmerizing.

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– Jennifer Kelly