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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Quinn gave Ivy a makeover, which had her questioning if she’d been trying to turn her into Steffy. After Quinn assured Ivy her new look, which included an American accent, was more professional, Eric allowed her to work for Quinn on the jewelry line. Elsewhere, Rick was concerned about Bill pushing Brooke to marry him in exchange for his Forrester shares. After Brooke assured Rick she loved Bill, they were all onboard to oust Quinn from the company. Ridge located Quinn and warned she’d be out on her rear before she knew it. All the while, Eric boasted about his new workouts, and losing weight, and stunned Pam by ordering a ban on her lemon bars with healthier snacks to be handed out in their place. Eric also did a little soul-searching via Stephanie’s portrait, which led to Quinn accepting his marriage proposal. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to hear what Quinn promised Ivy, who in turn kissed Liam.

Days of our Lives:
Victor was stunned when Deimos asked him and Maggie to move back into the mansion. But Kate was stunned even more when both men confronted her as being the real Tatenapper. While Kate blackmailed Deimos and Victor and demanded they find a fall guy for the kidnapping, in order to keep all of their crimes a secret, Eve returned and threw Theresa a bachelorette party. After Laura shared news with Jenn, that Abby had been under-diagnosed for PTSD and the anxiety meds made her condition worse, they went to Chad’s where Adrienne and Lucas agreed to move in for Thomas’ sake. Clyde Weston summonsed Marlena to Statesville, asking for a psych reevaluation. Orpheus spotted Marlena as she left, recalled kidnapping her then brainstormed a Salem revenge plot with Clyde and Xander. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps for Kayla’s post-surgery diagnosis and Hope’s reaction to Aiden reopening the case surrounding Stefano’s death.

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General Hospital:
Jason and Sam married and later revealed her pregnancy to close friends. Over at the hospital, the monitors in Liz’s room went off, as Paul recalled pushing her down the stairs. After Paul promised Ava that Julian would go free, once he went to trial, Liz was rushed into surgery for a ruptured spleen. Franco frantically called Jason and alerted him to the recent goings-on surrounding Liz and her attempted murder. After he learned she had a rare blood-type and needed blood, Franco went to Hayden and announced that she could save Liz’s life. Meanwhile, as Finn and Curtis worked to clear Hayden, a photo of Liz’s assailant surfaced. When word reached Paul, he began to panic. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to find out what Robert reported to Dante and Lulu about her embryo at Crichton Clark.

The Young and the Restless:
Neil sat at his mother’s bedside as she passed away at the special care facility. Elsewhere, Jill planned a business trip to put Vikki and Billy together. Billy told Travis to take his place and met Phyllis at the cabin, where they made love. Later, Phyllis told Jack she’d been lying to him. Chelsea was arrested in connection to Adam’s escape, as word came that his remains had been found in the cabin. Chelsea initially blamed Victor for the explosion, as Chloe insisted to Victor she had nothing to do with Adam’s death. After her release, Chelsea shared a warm moment with Victor and gathered with many at Adam’s memorial. Dylan believed Adam could still be alive and asked Stitch to run another DNA analysis, which revealed Adam had died. Read The Young and the Restless day-ahead recaps for details surrounding a gloved hand, holding something of Adam’s.

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