An explosive end to their lovestory.’s episode highlights and daily soap opera recaps are sure to get you up to speed before a new week of daytime excitement begins!

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Brooke told Ridge and Katie that Bill offered her his Forrester shares as a wedding gift – if she married him. Katie shared an emotional moment with Bill as they signed divorce papers, and it wasn’t long before Brooke accepted Bill’s marriage proposal. Thomas defended Sasha again, this time to Nicole who showed up at his place and questioned her sister’s intentions. Eric promised many at Forrester that Quinn would be out if she reverted to her old ways. He then suggested to Steffy that she’d been using her hatred of Quinn as an excuse to return to Liam. After Steffy refused to return home to Wyatt, he confronted Liam and warned him to stay out of his marriage. Steffy had news for Liam as well and informed that she needed space and couldn’t be with him or Wyatt. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to hear what plan Quinn came up with after Ivy vowed to be loyal to her.

Days of our Lives:
Gabi became suspicious of Dario, who was unmoved when Eduardo said an emotional goodbye and left Salem to protect his family. Later, after the guy who mugged Gabi had a heated argument with Dario, he roughed up Gabi once more. Philip and Chloe located Kate and announced ‘their’ pregnancy news. Kate underhandedly informed Deimos of the pregnancy, but when confronted Chloe assured Deimos he wasn’t the father. Deimos believed otherwise and told Nicole. As Nicole managed to get Chloe to privately admit her baby’s true paternity, Deimos hired Dario to spy on Chloe. Victor had a run-in with Deimos as well, leaving him to believe that both he and Deimos had been set up for the Tatenapping. As many grieved Abby’s supposed death throughout Salem, in an undisclosed location Abby, very much alive, cried in sadness as well. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps for Jennifer’s reaction to seeing Laura, who appeared with news about Abby.

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General Hospital:
Robert assured Lulu that Luke was alive and agreed to look into records surrounding her embryo from the Crichton-Clarke explosion. After Franco visited Heather, and learned Liz and Hayden were sisters, Naomi gave him a stern warning. Hayden confronted Liz about the diamonds and slapped her hard across the face. Soon, another patient died at GH and Liz was shoved down the stairs. Franco found Hayden standing over Liz, where she professed her innocence and later told Finn that Liz had conspired with Nik to kill her. Paul donned gloves and approached Monica from behind with a syringe, as Ava, after talking to Jordan, realized Paul was the Hospital Killer. She broke into his room, found evidence to prove it then confronted Paul with a deal – her brother’s freedom in exchange for her silence. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to find out who Jordan arrested for Liz’s attempted murder, as Jason and Sam prepared for their wedding day.

The Young and the Restless:
Luca held Summer against her will when Jack barged into their apartment. Though he finally released her, and vowed his love was real, cops arrested Luca. Elsewhere, while Daniel and Mariah bonded over Cassie, Billy spied Travis undressing Vikki and later learned from Phyllis that Jill knew about their affair. Chelsea left many stunned to find she and Connor disappeared through a secret passageway in the penthouse. Nick and Sharon urged Dylan to look the other way, as Adam, Chelsea and Connor reunited at a safehouse. Later, after Chelsea left to get help for Connor, who had an ear infection, Chloe appeared, shot Adam with a tranquilizer dart and vowed to watch him die. Nick met Chelsea in a hotel room and summonsed a doctor to help Connor. When Nick drove them back to the safehouse, they watch in horror as the cabin exploded in flames. Read The Young and the Restless day-ahead recaps for details surrounding Neil’s emotional visit with his dying mother.

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– Amy Mistretta