Out of control and out for something.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Things at Forrester Creations continue to spiral out of control thanks to Eric’s refusal to listen to his family’s pleas to dump Quinn. She’s already plotting how she can keep Liam away from Steffy again, but that’s hardly the only scheming going on. Ivy decides to back Eric and Quinn in a bid to get a place at the company. Check out The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to learn what Bill wants from Brooke in exchange for his shares in Forrester.

Days of our Lives:
Chloe and Philip’s plan to pass Deimos’ baby off as his doesn’t get off to a good start. No sooner have they announced the baby news then Nicole is pushing the diva to admit that Deimos knocked her up. While all the grieving over Abigail’s ‘demise’ engulfs Salem, Eduardo decides it’s time to leave the town behind. Meanwhile, Kate buys the B&B and kicks all of the guests out on the street. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to find out who gives Dario a job.

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General Hospital:
The hospital is thrown into chaos when the power goes down. Finn and Monica do what they can to keep things under control and he still finds the time to help Hayden out of a bad situation. Across Port Charles, Ava has a special request for Paul and then proceeds to destroy Nina’s hopes. And Sabrina and Michael have a honest discussion about where they are. Pretty soon, Sonny is talking to Joe. Read Soaps.com’s General Hospital spoilers to discover who helps Alexis as she falls apart.

The Young and the Restless:
The tension continues to mount between Phyllis and Billy now that she’s clearly upset over his lingering feelings for Victoria. Making things worse, Jill knows all about the Abbott and the redhead. Meanwhile, Victor and Nikki don’t know what to do when their latest moves don’t pan out as planned and his life goes into crisis mode. While Adam’s life continues to be out of his control, Chelsea tries to wrest some back as she faces a tough dilemma. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers to learn how Daniel reacts to Mariah.

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– Matt Purvis