A trip home to Port Charles.

Stephanie appeared to weigh in on Eric and Quinn’s relationship on “B&B.” Victor was arrested for the Tatenapping on “Days.” Finn threatened to kill Obrecht on “GH” and Adam was sentenced to 10 years in prison then chloroformed on “Y&R.”

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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Steffy warned Quinn if she didn’t leave Eric, she would leave her son. Eric learned Quinn didn’t give in to his granddaughter’s demand then warned Ridge against making threats as well. Ridge compared Eric to a child playing with a new dangerous toy – and Stephanie seemed to second that motion, as her portrait fell from the wall! Steffy returned home, where Wyatt begged her to give him one more chance to make things right. After Steffy moved out, Wyatt marched over to the mansion, grabbed Quinn by the arm and demanded that she leave Eric. Eric threatened to have Wyatt arrested and warned Quinn wasn’t going anywhere. Elsewhere, Thomas and Sasha grew closer and kissed, as Bill refused to give up his shares and made plans to marry Brooke. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps for details on Ridge’s plan to oust Eric from Forrester.

Days of our Lives:
Chloe was forced to admit to Claire she was pregnant and later smiled as Philip offered to be her baby daddy. A clue led John, Brady and Theresa to a motel room where they found Tate – and evidence pointing to the kidnapper. Nicole and Deimos appeared in Maggie’s hospital room as everyone learned the surgery had been successful. Just as Victor expressed gratitude to Deimos for arranging the surgery, and wiped the slate clean, he was arrested for Tate’s kidnapping but insisted he’d been set up. Many throughout Salem reacted to word of Abby’s supposed death. Though Jack’s apparition begged Jenn to be strong, she downed pills and vodka anyway. Belle found Jenn, not wanting to exploit her pain, but it wasn’t long before Chad learned of her relapse, which worked to his advantage in Thomas’ custody case. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to learn how Chad responded to Ciara’s declaration of love.

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General Hospital:
Finn found Obrecht with his lab recorder and vowed to kill her. Ava arrived at Carly’s and switched Morgan’s meds, as Carly’s nanny professed her innocence when caught with her boss’ earrings. While Nelle quickly agreed to take over as Avery’s babysitter, upstairs, Morgan took his meds. Dante and Lulu’s celebration of their new home was cut short after learning her embryo wasn’t viable. Kristina was unhappy as well when Parker revealed she’d reunited with her wife – and Kristina and Alexis ended up on a tabloid. Elsewhere, Naomi informed Hayden that Laura had been named trustee of Nik’s estate then was summoned by Heather, who demanded more money to stay quiet. After sex with Kevin, Laura uncovered proof he’d been writing a book about her personal life. Despite his explanation, Laura walked out on Kevin and was stunned to come face to face with Robert Scorpio. Read our General Hospital daily recaps for Ava and Liz’s reaction to the contents of a mysterious package surrounding Nik, which led to Liz kissing Franco.

The Young and the Restless:
Travis arrived at Summer and Luca’s engagement party, which led to Luca admitting that he sabotaged the oil rigs. At the jail, after Adam convinced Nick to be a stand-in father to Connor, he fired Michael. Nick blamed Victor for Adam’s situation, leading Victor to admit to Nikki that he’d framed Adam but planned to do anything to get his son out of this mess. Adam pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 years but was chloroformed during his transportation to prison. As word of ‘Adam’s escape’ reached many, Adam awoke – stunned to see Victor had derailed his transfer. Adam accepted Victor’s offer of a new life and reached out to Chelsea. Over at the Club, Hilary confided to Lily that Neil pushed his parents away and handed over letters from Neil’s mother addressed to Devon, Lily and the twins – letters Neil had thrown out. Later, Neil confessed that he never read the letters and warned they’d only cause more pain. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps for everyone’s reaction to Daniel’s sudden appearance – and new look.

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