Ultimatums, suspensions, and agendas.

Eric blindsided his family by rehiring Quinn at Forrester Creations on “B&B.” “Days” was pre-empted due to the Olympics. Sam told Jason she was pregnant on “GH” and Adam snapped in prison on “Y&R.”

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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Eric’s announcement that Quinn would return to Forrester Creations had his family members outraged and concerned. Wyatt and Liam also argued over Quinn, and of course, Steffy. When Eric later asked Quinn to move in with him during a romantic evening together, Wyatt showed up and demanded that she sacrifice everything Eric was offering her in order to save his marriage to Steffy. Quinn barely had time to consider it before Steffy arrived and made the same demand – if Quinn moved in with Eric, Steffy would dump Wyatt! Due to increasing concern about Quinn’s influence, Ridge impressed upon Katie how important it was to get Bill’s 12.5% shares. Meanwhile, Thomas got to know Sasha, who kissed him. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to find out what happened when Sasha showed up at Thomas’ door.

Days of our Lives:
The show is pre-empted through August 19 but will return with new episodes on August 22. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps for a refresher on everything that happened before the downtime and visit our news room to watch a video of what’s ahead when Orpheus, Xander and Clyde return to Days, as well as lots of spoilers for when the show resumes after the Olympics.

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General Hospital:
Sam told Jason she was pregnant and he responded with a romantic proposal, to which she said yes. They celebrated when her malaria results came back clear. Ava plotted to come between Morgan and Kiki by enlisting Dillon’s help, but he wouldn’t help so she stole Morgan’s medication. After Tracy extracted a promise from Paul to do better with Dillon, she and Laura were relieved to learn that the DNA results proved the skeleton discovered on Cassadine Island was not Luke. After Nikolas’ funeral, Laura tore into Hayden for worrying about her pre-nup, and then kissed Kevin. Joss met her donor Nelle, whom Carly asked to stay in Port Charles much to Jax’s displeasure. Nina opened up to Curtis about her desire for a baby and he agreed to help her get one. Franco surprised Liz in her car, and she wasn’t up for being his salvation, but she found his company comforting after learning of Jason’s engagement. Molly fought with a drunk Kristina, who missed a call from Parker, but the sisters later made up. Alexis was suspended from practicing law for a year at her hearing and took to drinking, after which Olivia heard the good news that Lulu and Dante had moved forward with their embryo implant. While investigating the hospital killings, Valerie came across a cufflink in Finn’s lab, which later went missing after she was knocked out from behind. Jordan recognized the coin on the cufflink later at the station, which made Paul antsy. Claudette surprised Griffin by landing a job at GH, and Nathan and Maxie later found them kissing. Nathan’s violent reaction caused Maxie to accuse him of still loving Claudette. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to find out why Michael was unnerved after a meeting with Sabrina and Joe.

The Young and the Restless:
When Victor paid Bethany off to take the fall for framing Adam, it led to Nick confronting his father, Paul reinstating Dylan, after which they unearthed the missing diary pages planted in Bethany’s room, and Phyllis and Billy becoming fearful that Victor knew about their affair. Adam lost it in prison and attacked a guard before Chelsea and Michael could deliver the news that he was about to go free. The plan to expose Luca before he could marry Summer progressed, with Victoria heading for Mexico to enlist Travis’ help. Luca had contacted Travis first, however, and warned him not to return to Genoa City. After a chat with Billy, Cane told Jill that he would help her push her son back into Victoria’s arms. Mariah helped Sharon and Dylan patch things up after a spat, but later found herself in an awkward position with Kevin when he asked if she had feelings for him. Her vague response was interrupted by the arrival of Chloe, who reminisced about how good she and Kevin had been together as parents to Delia. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps to find out what happened between Victoria and Travis on his boat.

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