Strange bedfellows!

Unexpected pairings are not unusual on soaps. But some hookups are so outrageous and out-of-the-blue that we can’t believe our screens! examines recent hookups between unlikely characters that have left viewers exclaiming, “Did they really go there?”

The Bold and the Beautiful:
When crazy Quinn kidnapped and feel in love with Liam, viewers didn’t think it was possible to be shocked any more by her. And then – wham! Viewers were blown away by the stunning reveal that Quinn and Eric are hooking up! Eric has toyed with a surprising leading lady before in Taylor – but crazy Quinn seemed out of the Forrester patriarch’s orbit. Her contentious history with the Spencers and the Forresters makes Quinn’s dalliance with Eric one of the most explosive pairings yet. Quinn and Eric have gained a surprising following and viewers can’t seem to get enough of the fallouts from their hookup. What with the warring siblings, Ridge and Rick, teaming up to stop Quinnn, and Wyatt trying to bully his mother out of town. Now that Eric has decided it’s just the beginning for Quinn and him, the bombshells are no doubt just beginning as well!

Episode # 12825 Days of Our Lives: 
Regarded as two of Salem’s most pious figures, Jennifer and Eric were role models in saintly hood. It was Eric who fell from grace first, plunging into alcoholism so rampant that he killed another Salem saint, Dr. Daniel Jonas, in a car crash. Jennifer, also a victim in the accident, developed chronic back pain. Soon, HRH Jennifer had a pain-killer addiction and was pill popping right in the Horton living room! Drawn together by booze and pills, Eric and Jenn went at it – reminding us a little of the time Eric hooked up with Kristen DiMera, after she drugged him. It all culminated in a one-night stand the night before Eric was shipped off to prison. We’ll never know what might have been, but the short-lived hookup between two fallen saints was a juicy twist we didn’t see coming. Honorable mention…

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Episode # 13611General Hospital: Viewers were taken aback when mere hours after meeting villain Valentin Cassadine, Nina ended up in bed with him! After discovering ex-Franco is hanging out with Liz, a dejected Nina headed home and dropped her hotel key in the hall. In a chance meeting, the key was picked up by Valentin and the chemistry was evident from the moment they locked eyes. After some coy, seductive bantering, the two shockingly ended up in bed together that same night! Their surprising hookup left viewers with a ton of juicy questions – namely, why were these two paired immediately after Valentin arrived in Port Charles? Deciphering why they were paired together so unexpectedly and quickly is part of what makes this hookup interesting. Nina and Valentin have undeniable chemistry so we can’t wait for the next surprise in this surprise hookup! Honorable mention…

Episode # 10973 The Young and the Restless: Phyllis and Billy have each had their fair share of shocking hookups. Remember Deacon and Phyllis? Billy and Sharon? Strange bedfellows is not all they share in common either – both are risk takers and like to live on the edge. Despite this, the two characters never fell into each other’s orbit. While it’s hard to imagine it working with any of the previous actors, this Billy and Phyllis are sizzling up screens, making their chemistry filled pairing totally believable and likable. This, and the fact that Phyllis is Jack’s wife, will make the shock waves of the eventual reveal reverberate through Genoa City for years. Now that Jill knows about their affair, and they are both working in the same building with Jack and Victoria, this scandalous hookup is teetering on the edge of outrageous exposure! Honorable mention…

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– Jennifer Kelly