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Lights, camera, fight – a guide to the most famous feuds in our soaps!

One of the most endearing staples of a good soap is awesome feuds, battles of will that are sometimes underhanded, sneaky, and can get physical. As family celebrates a decade in the daytime community, here’s a look at some of the best feuds ever from All My Children, As the World Turns, Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, Guiding Light, One Life to Live, Passions, and Young and the Restless.

All My Children’s Kendall vs Erica

This feud is much more personal than most. The arrival of Kendall prompted the reveal that, prior to the series’ debut, Erica had been raped at age 14.  The mother-daughter relationship was antagonistic at best. Unaware of the rape, and seeking revenge to deal with her feelings of abandonment, Kendall still sought her mother’s approval. Kendall’s attempted seduction of Erica’s love interest created conflict for Erica. Kendall also brought Richard Fields to town to torment her mother. Kendall later made peace with her mother and left town in 1995.

All My Children’s Adam vs Palmer

Family ties, betrayal, and bloodshed characterize this long-standing feud. Adam and Palmer were friends from a very young age. Palmer got Adam’s sister pregnant and was shipped off to war.  Palmer left Adam’s sister Lottie depressed and Adam raised his nephew as his brother. At the height of this conflict, Adam sent someone to scare Palmer but he went rogue and shot him. Palmer survived and so did the feud until Palmer’s death.

As the World Turns’ Barbara vs Margo

This feud is mistress versus wife. Who could blame Barbara for wanting a piece of her former nurse turned husband James’ mistress? Payback came when Barbara decided she wanted Tom, Margo’s husband. Her plan was to make Tom believe they slept together. When Tom told Margo about the “affair,” she planned to divorce him. Soon, she found out that there was no affair. She and Tom reconciled, and she became pregnant. Unfortunately, Margo miscarried the baby.

As the World Turns’ Carly vs Barbara

It’s never personal, strictly business could be said about these two. Maura West atwtThat is until Barbara had Carly kidnapped and injected her with an aging serum. Yikes! Carly spent some time feeling un-loveable until a reversal serum was found. It would take a big person to forgive or forget such an awful crime.

Bold and the Beautiful’s Brooke vs Taylor

This feud starts and ends with Ridge Forrester. It literally spans decades. Who could forget the mud pit fight orchestrated by Ridge after Brooke destroyed Taylor’s wedding by riding in on a white horse? Taylor finally got the last word exposing Brooke’s affair with her brother in law, at Brooke’s birthday party no less. It’s not likely these divas will ever bury the hatchet since it’s 2019 and in this year alone, they’ve been fighting non-stop over Ridge and their daughters, Steffy and Hope.

Bold and the Beautiful’s Sally vs Stephanie

Frenemies best describe this relationship. Two matriarchs of fashion families doing battle meant lots of fun for soap fans. Stephanie never one to shy away from conflict and Sally was always the sneaky one. Things weren’t always bad between the two. Sally cutting Stephanie’s hair when they were both two sheets to the wind was one of the most entertaining ends to a feud ever.

Days of our Lives’ Sami vs Nicole

Sami Brady and Nicole Walker fought over just about everything including EJ DiMera.  In the beginning, they were friends, things got ugly when Nicole married Lucas to help him take Will away from Sami. Not only did Nicole marry Sami’s ex, but she also had a relationship with her brother Eric and a hook up with her father. There were times they ended things in a catfight, much to the delight of viewers, over the years they made peace with each other and became friends again.

Days of our Lives’ John vs Stefano:

The hate was so strong between these two you couldn’t measure it on any chart. At the center of this rivalry is the love of a woman. Stefano was obsessed with Marlena who was in love with John. Over the years Stefano the ultimate soap villain did all kinds of unspeakable things to John Black, including brainwashing him to serve his vendetta against the Brady clan, kidnapping Marlena and even stealing a kidney from John. Stefano was murdered by Hope Brady in 2016 taking this feud to his grave.

General Hospital’s Sam vs Liz

Secrets, lies and broken alibis.  Sam is so devious, and some may say heartless she hired someone to scare Liz in front of her kids and staged a fake rescue. Bad blood boils over ex-husbands and devious plots. Sam got her just deserts and was dumped when her dirty deeds came home to roost.

General Hospital’s Carly vs Brenda

Lies, bitter deceit, and jealous intentions run wild between these combatants. At the core what else? A man of course, namely Sonny. Good thing Carly had quick reflexes when things got physical and Brenda tried to knock her noggin by hurling something at her during a Nurses’ Ball.

Guiding Light’s Nola vs Vanessa

This battle of wills started in the ’80s when Vanessa revealed the fact that Nola was lying about the paternity of her child’s father Quint. Vanessa looked down on Nola as the town harlot and took pleasure in exposing her dirty deeds. The two stayed entangled as Vanessa married Nola’s half- brother, then later her nephew.  One of the most memorable scenes was when both women showed up at a formal ball dressed the same. Who wore it best?

Guiding Light’s Alan vs Roger

Sometimes enemies, other times co-conspirators, we watched to see what would happen next. Neither could be trusted. Their on-going clashes resulted in Alan going to prison when Alan tried to shoot Roger and hit Phillip instead. The on again off again feud continued until Alan died of natural causes in 2004.

One Life to Live’s Dorian vs Viki

Episode # 10855
When Dorian made a careless error that cost her the job she loved, she blamed Viki and the fight was on. Dorian went so far as to marry her rival’s father and became step mommy dearest. The fight reached a fever pitch when Dorian engineered the death of her husband and took hold of his fortune.

One Life to Live’s Blair vs Téa

With Friends like Blair who needs enemies! When Blair decided she had feelings for Téa’s fiancé she pulled out all the stops to uncover deep dirt. When she found what she was looking for she wasted no time using it to get what she wanted. Things exploded and lives were changed forever. The touching end to this feud came when Téa found out she was dying. Blair was there for her until her dying breath. I’d have to say she’s a much better woman than I.

Passions’ Simone vs Whitney

Sibling rivalry is natural but these twisted sisters take it to another level. This heated conflict started with a love triangle. Simone had a crush on Chad. Chad and Whitney were in a secret relationship. They were so good at hiding it from Simone that Chad pretended to be Simone’s boyfriend to keep her happy. After catching Chad and Whitney having sex, she broke up with him and told everyone in Harmony about his relationship with her sister.

Passions’ Theresa vs Gwen

Stolen kisses, baby stealing, and surrogate drugging oh my! Finding out your man is cheating on the evening news would set any woman’s spirit on fire. That’s exactly what happened when Gwen turned on her TV. It’s safe to say she got more than she bargained for in the news department. Gwen quickly confronted Theresa which caused her to miscarry. It’s understandable how this feud burned red hot.

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Young and the Restless’ Jack vs Victor

In business or personally, there is always a competition between Victor and Jack. Victor has had Jack kidnapped, stolen companies from him and even blackmailed. Jack isn’t always the victim in this long-standing rivalry as he’s framed Victor for murder, and even married Nikki, the love of Victor’s life. As much as these two titans collide when the chips are down for the intertwined families they have managed to come together. At least until the next shot is fired.

Young and the Restless’ Katherine vs Jill

This legendary feud raged for decades. Over the years Jill and the Duchess delighted us with catfights, backbiting, and manipulating. Things went to another level when Jill was awarded half of the Chancellor mansion. After years of despising and for a while believing they were mother and daughter the ladies settled on mutual respect.

A version of this article was written by Destiny Carter in August 2016.