Family fiascos and facing feelings.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Never one to back away from going back for more of the same, Ridge decides it’s time for him to make another play for power at Forrester Creations. The timing couldn’t be better since Eric has decided to bring back Quinn, much to the chagrin of his family. As Wyatt tries to keep his mother from making his world collapse, Steffy finds it hard to stop from exploding. Check out The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to learn who is getting close to Thomas.

Days of our Lives:
Due to NBC’s coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics, “Days of our Lives” will be on hiatus through August 19. It will return with new episodes on Monday August 22. But here’s what might have happened in a parallel world where it was airing… Jenn’s drug binge leads her into uncharted territory as she steals a car and heads for Toronto where she camps outside the door of the Duchess of Doom. While she’s living off of candy abandoned by children, Chad has gone mad with depression from Abifail’s surprising success at dying and decides to marry Ciara. But that could be difficult after a desperate Chloe gets him drunk and lures him to bed so she can pass off Deimos’ child as the DiMera’s. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to find out if Maggie will survive the emergency surgery she has to undergo when it’s discovered that Victor hid Tate inside her.

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General Hospital:
Things between Morgan and Kiki continue to be problematic. It isn’t just Ava getting between them either. Dillon also, if mostly unintentionally, causes issues. Across Port Charles, Laura and Kevin face their feelings and she realizes what she shares with Tracy. Meanwhile, Michael unearths some details from Sabrina’s past and Molly manages to mess things up for her sister. Read’s General Hospital spoilers to discover who takes the next step in their relationship.

The Young and the Restless:
As Luca does all he can to keep things cool with Summer, Kevin is a bit hot under the collar about Mariah. But that’s nothing compared to how freaked out Adam is getting about Victor. He’s not the only one. Dylan’s suspicions of Chloe and the mustache have reasons to grow deeper. Meanwhile, Nick turns to his sister for help dealing with the latest Newman family fiasco. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers to learn who is having a hard time with Phyllis’ behavior in Genoa City.

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– Matt Purvis