As some fall apart, some get more help than they can handle.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
After learning about Bill and Brooke’s betrayal, Katie falls into the bottom of a bottle. Worried about Will’s safety, Bill decides to take his son away from Katie. Meanwhile, Liam decides that, even if his brother is married to her, he’s still determined to pull out all the stops to get Steffy back. She may have other things on her mind though, like the CEO job at Forrester Creations. As Ridge’s position in the company falls apart, his children vie to take over. Check out The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to learn who Eric will select to run the business.

Days of our Lives:
After Abby’s fate is announced, Chad starts to spiral out of control and battles with Jenn over the future of Thomas. As she turns to Doug and Julie for help, Kate and Deimos help each other explain what happened to him to the authorities. Meanwhile, Hope and Aiden continue to inch toward each other as Philip contemplates signing Chloe to his record label. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to find out who has a meltdown in Salem.

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General Hospital:
Carly turns to Nina for help, though she’s already pretty busy helping out Maxie, who is also getting some help from Curtis. Meanwhile, Liz wishes that Franco would stop trying to help her so much, which leads to a confrontation between them. On the other side of Port Charles, Hayden asks Tracy to team up with her again and Laura admits to how much she has come to rely on Kevin. Read’s General Hospital spoilers to discover who discovers something that once belonged to Helena.

The Young and the Restless:
As Sharon continues doing her best to keep her instability a secret, Stitch decides it’s finally time for him to stop being so secretive and have a frank discussion with Abby about their relationship. Meanwhile, Victoria tries to stay in control at work, even if that means getting bossy with Summer and Luca. Across Genoa City, it looks like things might finally be coming to a head as Jack and Phyllis face whether or not their marriage has a future. And Billy’s plans are rocked when Jill returns. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers to learn who turns to Michael for some assistance.

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– Matt Purvis