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Brooke confessed the truth surrounding her and Bill to Katie on “B&B.” Chad became very suspicious of Andre on “Days.” Maxie and Nathan came face to face with his ex-wife, Claudette, on “GH” and Ian took more hostages on “Y&R.” is back to get readers caught up on last week’s episodes through our storyline highlights and daily soap opera recaps.

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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Eric insisted to Quinn that what they had was no more than sex. Elsewhere, Liam called Bill a hypocrite after spying Brooke in his arms. Bill claimed they had an adult arrangement and warned Liam not to say anything to Katie. Brooke continued to feel guilty after Katie apologized about her accusations over Bill and felt even worse when Liam confronted her about the affair. Liam insisted Brooke come clean with Katie. Later, feeling insecure again regarding Bill and Brooke, Katie downed some booze, located Liam and begged him to reveal anything he knew about his father and her sister. Liam called Brooke, who received approval from Bill to come clean to Katie. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to hear how Katie reacted when Brooke confessed her ongoing affair with Bill.

Days of our Lives:
Deimos stunned Kate with his presence at the mansion, as Chloe confessed to Nicole what had happened between her and Deimos. Dario arrived at Summer’s room to learn someone had sent her a satchel of money, including blackmail photos of her and Clark together, and had been willing to pay big-time for the kidnapping of Brady and Theresa’s baby. Later, after Theresa once again fell asleep in the park and awoke to find Tate missing, Summer boarded a plane and a baby cried nearby. Ciara found Chad at the mansion reading Abby’s goodbye note, which insisted they’d never find her. Chad confronted Andre, who claimed Abby had given him the letter to deliver but promised he hadn’t known her whereabouts. Chad remained suspicious, as Rafe confronted Andre next, as to why Aiden had visited him in prison. Still at the lodge, Hope privately infuriated Aiden by pulling away due to their past. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to find out what Shawn and Rafe uncovered about Aiden prior to Rafe being knocked out cold.

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General Hospital:
Nik and Ava came face to face with Jason and Sam on Cassadine Island. Though Jason messaged a photo to the PCPD of Nik next to a current newspaper, a storm knocked out cell service and prevented them from heading home. Back in the Port Charles jail, Rachel brought Finn his meds prior to Tracy arriving to announce Dr. Mayes’ murder and Finn’s release. Maxie hired a graphic designer named CJ, who turned out to be Nathan’s ex-wife Claudette. Nathan ordered Claudette to leave town but Maxie objected. Though Maxie didn’t believe Claudette wanted him back, Claudette held her and Nathan’s wedding photo close. Julian arrived at Alexis’ and confessed to Carlos’ murder and the hit on Duke, believing she wanted to reunite. When he realized she was wearing a wire, Julian dragged Alexis away, threatened to kill her but ended up stabbed in the back. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to learn who called out someone else’s name while making love to someone else.

The Young and the Restless:
Billy and Phyllis professed their love. After Billy left the cabin, Ian barged in with Nikki and took Phyllis hostage too. Elsewhere, Mariah came to and told Kevin her mother knocked her out, thinking she was Sage. They tricked Sharon into going to the hospital and lied to Dylan that she had a panic attack. In another room, Meredith forgave Victor for his lies in court. After Nikki called with Ian’s ransom demand, Meredith helped Victor escape. Victor raced to the cabin and convinced Ian to release the women. As he stalled due to complications with an online bank transfer, the cops appeared and dragged both men away. Later, though Nikki saw Victor in a new light, and both decided to stay married, Adam was blackmailed by his father – either Adam agreed to work by Victor’s side or rot in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps for Jack’s reaction to Hilary’s kiss.

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