Credit: Image: Aaron Montgomery/JPI

Good versus evil, we’ve seen an abundance of them all.

The twin has been a popular soap opera plot device and character for decades. Twins on daytime come in many forms. There are the brother and sister fraternal twins like Rex and Cassie Brady on Days of our Lives, whose out of this world-conception was truly unbelievable. Identical twins tend to be popular soap opera trope with one impersonating the other. Sometimes they are polar opposites, personifying good versus evil, such as with the iconic characters Stuart and Adam Chandler on All My Children, along with Stuart’s wife Cindy Parker Chandler and her twin Karen Parker. Then there are those jealous of their twin, as with Marley Love and Vicky Hudson on Another World, who were often fighting over a man. You also have the doppelgangers who impersonated another, as with Natalie Marlowe and Janet “from another planet” Green on All My Children, and Hattie Adams and Marlena Evans on Days of our Lives. Sometimes these doppelgangers are natural ones, and other times they have a bit of science and surgery to help them achieve their looks. And naturally, there are the long-lost twins who come out of the woodwork after being separated at birth, such as with Drew Cain and Jason Morgan on General Hospital. Because there are so many we could never include them all, but browse through our gallery of some of our favorite twins from All My Children, Bold & Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, One Life to Live, and Young & Restless. Also be sure to comment and let us know which soap twins are your favorite!

A version of this article was written by Hollie Deese June 21, 2016 and refreshed by Dustin Cushman, May 26, 2020.