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It’s the most glamorous night in soap operas, and once again I’ll be blogging live tonight during the 2016 43rd Annual Daytime Emmys – my fifth year in a row for As usual I am watching the action any way I can. Since the show is not being televised, or webcast, this year it is red carpet and behind-the-scenes only on Parachute TV, which I’m actually looking forward to for a more intimate experience. Here’s hoping it delivers at least a few memorable moments, like the epic ambush couch interviews I couldn’t get enough of in the 40th Daytime Emmy live blog. is at the Emmys and not only are we covering the red carpet all night long, we will have interviews Monday along with video of the actual ceremony we’re recording for you. And as the stars arrive you can check out our coverage of Friday’s 43rd Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards winners, which detail the winners of the technical awards such as hairstyling, set decoration, and lighting direction.

3:03 PM: Two hours before arrivals begin. I just checked my popcorn supply and it’s all good… I know I’ll need it if soap stars are asked by red carpet hosts to breathe on them like “General Hospital’s” Ryan Paevey (Nathan) was during the 41st Annual Daytime Emmys red carpet train wreck, the first time the show was webcast. And that was just one gasp-worthy moment that evening. Let me know all of your favorite Daytime Emmy memories from years past in the comments below.

4:48 PM:’s first shot from the red carpet from correspondent Kristyn Burtt!


Will the awards go the way I think? Compare who takes home the statues tonight with’s Daytime Emmy Award predictions – can’t wait to see Anthony Geary again either way! And see if’s readers got it right with the full list of our 10th Annual Sudzies winners.

5:00 PM: Things are about to start!

5:03 PM: Nothing streaming yet, so waiting with bated breath for the first transmission to come through.

5:06 PM: We are in and they are asking Suzanne Rogers (Maggie, “Days of our Lives”) where she keeps her Emmy, and she says it is on the mantel on the den – the prettiest award there is! She chats about her storyline, and now they are taking questions live from the fans. She is wearing a white pantsuit and looks stunning.

Maggie-red carpet

5:08 PM: Incredible – the people on the red carpet know the actors, know the storylines and are incorporating fan questions live – a huge leap in respect for soap operas than we have seen in years past. At first they think “The Bold and the Beautiful” star is coming up next but nope – actually it is someone from “Eastsiders,” former “As The World Turns'” Van Hansis (Luke Snyder). They asked him if he would come back to network daytime and he said he is available!

5:12 PM: Jacob Young is in the distance, they are waiting for him to come close… a bit of dead air here.

5:13 PM: But first, Tristan Rogers (“The Young and the Restless,” “General Hospital,” “The Bay”) is off in the distance but no interview yet.

5:16 PM: Actress Renee Marino chats quite a bit, and is playing Carmen Miranda in “I Only Have Eyes for You” on stage May 10 – June 1.

5:17 PM: New “Y&R” actor Michael Roark who plays Travis is on the carpet now, but can’t talk about his storyline too much. If you watched on Friday he played a bartender who interacted with Victoria. He tells them how much easier it is to work on primetime than it is on daytime, and how many “Y&R” fans he has come to realize there are since he came on the show. Hilariously, he talks about his family who may have been proud of him before but are super excited he is now on the soap.

5:20 PM: Red carpet hosts finally get Jacob Young coming their way… maybe? Not there yet, and it looks hot out there!

5:21 PM: OK, not Jacob, instead they have Ashleigh Brewer (Ivy, “B&B”), and she is wearing a cream-colored dress with lace and bead detailing by Australian designer Steven Khalil, and has a man named Matt on her arm. She says the best part of the night will be when it is over and the craziness is over.

5:23 PM: Kate Linder (Esther on “Y&R”) is next and she looks absolutely effervescent tonight is white with metallic beading. They remind us she has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and she says April 8 was her 34th anniversary on the show. She says her heart-shaped bag is for Ester Valentine, and they discuss how the character’s last name was chosen through a contest, and when given the choices by Bill Bell she chose Valentine since that is the day she got married. She then tells a story she never has before – when Esther was pregnant Bill asked her if she wanted a boy or girl and she chose girl, and that is how Kate came to be. They then ask her about the new Chandler mansion and she wonders if Billy might need Esther’s help someday.

5:28 PM: Jacob Young (Rick, “B&B”) is up next, and he brought his young son Luke Wayne Young, age 7, with him – so cute! They discuss his Emmy reel and he says it was not one he was originally going to submit and had to put a stop on the other one to get this one in. Oh, and Luke likes to play Minecraft and read Goosebumps books!

5:32 PM: Jacob talks about how influential his soap opera dads have been (David Canary on “AMC”, John McCook on “B&B” and Anthony Geary on “GH”) and gives people starting out in soaps advice to prepare for the daunting task ahead of them.

5:36 PM: More waiting around for the next soap star while red carpet hosts Caroline Leslie and Michael Maloney chat about soaps, and it seems they are now approaching 1,000 live viewers on Periscope. Up next is Elizabeth Bogush (Dr. Sandy Anderson, “Y&R”) and even though she has been killed off they talk about her storyline and what her character’s relationship with Joshua Morrow’s Nick Newman was years ago. She reveals that Chuck Pratt came to her with the lowdown about what was going to happen and she does confirm that she was killed by “Crazy Patty” (Stacy Haiduk) and she feels her character deserves the ending she got. She tells them this was the first time she had done daytime and would do it again in a heartbeat. And when asked about what was most challenging she admits it is the memorization – she has a good memory but it is a lot of work. They then ask what it was like working with Sharon Case and she says she was lovely. And to decompress after a long day she would just go home and cook for her 2-year-old daughter.


5:45 PM: They chat with Reign Edwards (Nicole Avant “B&B) about her stunning black dress with thigh-high slit and deep plunge neckline – the first one she tried on – and then about her Emmy reel. They discuss the fact Karla Mosley (Maya, “B&B”) was not nominated and she tells them that her work speaks for itself. Karla’s talent shows and Reign is in awe of her.

5:49 PM: The gang from “The Bay” steps up and they get congrats for their two Emmys and when asked about monetizing digital content they said internet programming is the television of the future, and it is growing every day.

5:53 PM: Obba Babatunde (Julius, “B&B”) is honored to be nominated and gives a shout out to everyone watching on Periscope. When asked about the reactions he gets about his character he says he is a flawed human being, but he loves his family. And he submitted the wedding for his reel. And while it was a transgender story, what we saw was a child giving his child away and being asked to leave. We also learned in that reel that his own father had disowned him because of the choice Maya made. And when asked personally what kind of food he loves, it is East Indian. And he is wearing a purple Ryan Seacrest suit, a homage to Prince.

5:57 PM: My transmission keeps cutting out, more and more so the longer into the broadcast we get. But up now is Jessica Collins (Avery, “Y&R”) and they talk about her edgy storyline leading up to her departure from the show. For her Emmy submission she knew it was her personal best work, and she loved her work opposite Gina Tognoni (Phyllis, “Y&R”). She is loving seeing all of her friends from the show, and her sweetheart neckline and white column dress is fulling showing off her incredible figure. And her advice for people who want to get into daytime? An acting class! And when they chat about being a new mom she says she never sleeps only because she is watching her baby sleep.

6:02 PM: Jessica Berman from “The Doctors” has never heard of the original soap opera “The Doctors.” She also doesn’t know what episode they submitted – they move very quickly along.

6:04 PM: Ashlyn Pearce (Aly, “B&B”) talks about her Emmy submissions and says she picked those scenes because they were her last episodes on the show, as well as they showed pain, sadness and mental illness. She thought it was able to show what she can do as an actress. As for her speech, she just wrote down some bullet points in order to not jinx herself. Now she is working on “Salem” and because it is a period piece she wears corsets. And she is working on another show for Amazon she can’t talk about, and a movie about mental illness called “51/50” that will be in theaters. Sounds like she is doing well, and “B&B” was her first big role!

6:08 PM: Sofia Pernas (Marissa, “Y&R”) they chat about her joining the show and jumping right in with all the vets. She is wearing a black choker and maroon, strapless dress from Nicole Miller. Her bag is Judith Leiber. Pernas also just shot a pilot called “Transylvania.” She will know in a week if it is picked up. She has been moved to recurring status on “Y&R” and will still appear in a few episodes here and there.

Pierson Fode

6:12 PM: Pierson Fiode (Thomas, “B&B”) is up now and talks about his character’s contentious relationship with his father Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). They asked him how he got his start in acting and he says when he was a kid he would film terrible movies. His first role he ever did was on “iCarly.” They ask about his process and he reads the story first then creates a backstory for his character, oftentimes writing journals and journals of backstory.


6:15 PM: Christian LeBlanc (Michael, “Y&R”) is up and jokes about his fellow nominees, tall and handsome Justin Hartley (Adam, “Y&R), and Anthony Geary (Luke, “GH”). Unfortunately, most of this interview is garbled for me because of the transmission. His hair was done by George Guzman however, who works on “Masters of Sex” and “How to Get Away with Murder.” Quite the jokester he said for his last meal he would eat his delicious fans.

6:21 PM: Kassie DePaiva (Eve, “Days of Our Lives”) is up and tells them her arc on “Days” was wonderful and you can’t shortcut grief. If she doesn’t win tonight she already feels like a winner, so loved by everybody. They asked her about her luncheon with the other leading nominees, a tradition started by Susan Flannery (Stephanie, “B&B”), and she says this one was lovely. They are all survivors, all having been in daytime for a longtime. Who they are as women, what they are going though. All over age 40 and 50, older women can sometimes be kicked to the curb.

6:27 PM: Mark from “Pride” the series as well as cadet Mark on “GH” chats about the genre, and how we can expect to see more of him in Port Charles soon!

6:28 PM: Chatting with Michael Minnis, a writer from “B&B,” nominated tonight for the transgender storyline. They did a lot of research, worked with GLAAD, in order to show all aspects of the story. He feels Karla and Reign were instrumental for the story, and the reveal on the show was a great one. And when asked about writers block he just examines the characters to see what will motivate them, and with the transgender story it was something they had to come up with many months in advance, and then with everything that happened in the country concerning transgender, it was kismet. The call over to Bradley Bell and the chat with him about how he came up with the Myron/Maya storyline and he says it was not even met with resistance. The network accepted it, Karla was honored and he just hopes to stay current with issues people deal with.

6:33 PM: Lauralee Bell (Christine, “Y&R”) is nominated tonight and excited to be nominated with the other actresses. She is wearing Monique Lhuillier gown and talks about what a comfort it is to work with people like Doug Davidson for so long, and how it helps when doing emotional scenes. And the most emotional part of her job, she loves the fans they have. She is happy for everyone watching, and when asked about a funny behind-the-scenes story she says years ago she had a fight with someone on set, and after she got teary eyed and tried to walk off, she walked through a closet that was once a pass through that had been turned into a box and she had to stand in there.


6:37 PM: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, “Y&R”) and Michael tells her that her not being nominated this year was a glaring omission. She doesn’t let award validate her work and feels like she had her best year on the show and is glad to support her costars. She is wearing items from her closet, a body suit paired with a skirt. Workout tips? Lots of wine! You have to enjoy life she says.

6:38 PM: Dee Wallace (Patricia, “GH”) is getting interviewed next and seems beyond pleased to be there. Her blonde hair is done up nice and her body looks amazing in a black fitted dress with gold detailing. Through the interview she learns her role in the show is part of the submission for best show tonight, the black and white episode. Before she leaves she says she loved being in the moment in the scenes with Tony.

6:43 PM: Finola Hughes (Anna, “GH”) talks about her scenes after Luke died, and how the set is conducive to playing around. She is wearing a vintage black and white Chanel gown.

6:45 PM: Presenter Donnell Turner (Curtis, “GH”) hopes maybe next year he will be on the other side of the podium. And his favorite food? Those that know him know… he would love to eat a swimming pool full of French fries. And steak.

6:48 PM: Up is Camryn Grimes (Mariah Copeland, “Y&R”) and they talk right away about the scene with Greg Rikkart (Kevin) talking about how bad the sex was. She jokes the sometimes that happens, and the more reality you can put in a soap opera the people can connect more. She is wearing a one-shoulder metallic gown, and a fan asks her about her relationship with Sharon and she admits sometimes they enable each other. Mariah is a fun character and she likes to think she is a good combination of Cassie and Mariah. She was nervous bringing the character of Mariah to the show, and how it was a long, drown-out process figuring out what they were going to do with her. Her uncle is actor Scott Grimes, another actor, and that is how she got her start, watching him. And “Y&R” was her third audition ever!

6:52 PM: Anna Maria Horsford, Vivienne on “B&B,” is stopped and looks amazing with a gold leaf necklace that drapes down her neck. And she is starting a rumor that she won – she is nominated for Best Guest Appearance. She shares she met someone yesterday who was the mother of a transgender person, and felt her son was given the right mother to love him. She knows a mother will protect her child, and the easiest way to be a hero is to love your children. And accept your children. And when asked, the necklace was from Mariana Jewelry Designs.

6:57 PM: I can see Justin Hartley (Adam, “Y&R”) and Chrishell Stause (Jordan, “Days”) in the distance, but no interview. Instead, they chat about Sharon Case possibly not being there, and of being overlooked in recent years because she makes it look so easy. Stause does a spin in her short white Tom Ford dress and they are finally able to nab her and Hartley. He says it is nice to see everyone outside of work and enjoying themselves. She talks about her recent work on “Y&R” and can’t wait for people to tune in on the first air date in May. Hartley is still waiting to hear news about the status of the pilot he shot and he thinks it is a special show that can speak to everyone.

7:02 PM: Travis Stork from “The Doctors” – hard to recognize with his full beard – talks about how they are able to avoid gimmicks on their show, and there is a sincerity to the stories that they do. And, they were just renewed for two more years. He never gave failure a thought, just worked hard and says now, after 8 years, he is finally enjoying it more than ever. And having more fun too – it’s like finishing med school and residency.

7:06 PM: Seriously, there is one fan so obsessed with them getting someone from “The Real” it is getting a little much.

7:07 PM: Catherine Bach (Anita, “Y&R”) talks about how she is like any mom who wants the best for her daughter. She chats about Joshua Morrow and how great of a father he is – and how he is the biggest fan of “The Dukes of Hazard.”

7:08 PM: Again, this person is begging for someone from “The Real” so they are trying their best to do that. They have been told they are coming, they are on the carpet.

7:10 PM: Tracey Bregman (Lauren, “Y&R”) looks amazing in a gold gown with the sun shining through, and Sean Carrigan (Ben, “Y&R) approaches and it is getting obvious it is pretty hot out there on the carpet. They talk about his current storyline and how he might have to choose between his wife and his son at some point. The best part for him of coming to the Emmys is seeing everyone else from the other shows, who he never gets to see. And when they ask him how he prepares for a sad role he jokes they could fire him at any moment so he needs to come up with some real emotion. He encourages people who have a desire to act to embrace it. If you have a desire to be on stage, you have to go for it. We only pass this way once, and when asked about a funny behind the scenes story he tells them he had no idea you were not supposed to use tongue and he got aggressive with Amelia Heinle (Victoria, “Y&R”).

7:15 PM: Vinessa Antoine (Jordan, “GH”) tells them working with Finola Hughes is a dream – an absolute professional and watching her is watching a legend. She hopes “GH” takes the win tonight, and is wearing a black, asymmetric gown.

7:17 PM: Next up is Michelle Stafford (Nina, “GH”) and she looks killer in a red gown with one long sleeve, one sleeveless, lots of midriff cutouts and she says it came out of her closet and she doesn’t even know who it is! And, she jokes she has been hungry for 13 years.

7:20 PM: Tequan Richmond (TJ, “GH”) chats about his nomination tonight and shares that the pace is the hardest part of doping daytime. But the most rewarding is hanging out with the cast and crew that has become family. He shares that his first job was on “ER” in 2001 back when George Clooney was on, and he has SARS! He is also in the process of working on a Showtime pilot and will make both shows work.

7:24 PM: Wow. Lots of talk with one of the producers of “The Price is Right,” but some interesting tidbits – if you come on the show you can now come back again after 10 years, and there is talk of having a special where all the people who bet $1 and lost get to come back for redemption. Kind of fun.

7:27 PM: Vincent Irizarry (Deimos, “Days”) chats about being a nominee the second year when he was Lujac, while he was filming with Clint Eastwood who gave him time off from filming so he could go to New York and do the Emmys. And he was bald at the time because he was portraying someone in the military. Brian Bloom (Dusty, “As the World Turns”) won that year. He chats about about his new character Deimos and feels at the core he is an honorable guy, but obviously if someone does something to him they will pay for it. He has a really great backstory and can empathize with his desire to be included to his family – the John Snow of the Kiriakis family.

7:30 PM: Finally, someone from “The Real!” Host Jeannie Mai would love to interview Common, Lauryn Hill or Zendaya. And if she were asked to be on “Dancing With the Stars,” she would love to do it. She is wearing Elie Saab, with fitted bodice and feather embellishments. She jokes that she is molting.

7:33 PM: A. Martinez (Eduardo, “Days”) and his daughter Devon Martinez (Shawn, “Y&R”) are attending together and he talked about how great it was to watch her scenes together. A. also talks about how his character helps Kassie in her Emmy reel scenes, and he likens it to having a front-row seat to something extraordinary. He says there are only a handful of moments where you feel you are part of something other-worldly and working with Kassie DePaiva during those scenes was one of those times. Devon is open to appearing on any of the shows after her stint on “Y&R” and talks about the awards show from the year Susan Lucci finally won her award.

7:38 PM: Angelica McDaniel from CBS Daytime is on the carpet and her blue sequin dress is sparkly fun. She tells Michael it feels great coming to the Emmys – the payoff for all of their hard work. They get to rub elbows with their peers, and afterward they know how to party. She encourages people to watch “The Talk” on Monday for the best continuation of the party. And the #NSFD (Not Safe for Daytime) clips they have been putting online have been getting huge response from fans.

7:42 PM: Nominee Dominic Zamprogna (Dante, “GH”) tells the hosts he never gets used to being nominated and he is happy to be here and celebrating. He submitted two episode – the first is after Lulu comes back to the apartment after she was gone, and then the scene after he cheated with her. He tells them his acting process is very instinctual, what he senses for what is right or wrong contribute to his choices.

7:45 PM: Maura West (Ava, “GH”) is also nominated tonight and tells them she submitted the scenes where she had terminal cancer and had given up. It was emotionally taxing, if you are doing it the way it should be done, you are leaving a bit of yourself. And the fact that she has five children she pretty much forgets as soon as she walks in the door – that, and a beer and bath waiting for her. Again they chat about the female nominee luncheon and how nice it is for working moms to find the time to get together. Maura already has three Emmys and keeps them up on the shelf.

7:49 PM: A woman comes out and tells them they are wrapping up the carpet now, but first they snag Melissa Reeves (Jennifer, “Days”), and she is there with her husband Scott Reeves (“Nashville”) who has flown out from Tennessee to be with her tonight. And, their daughter is getting married this October in Nashville!

7:55 PM: Parachute TV is signing off, then will be on air again once they are in the cocktail area to talk with everyone they can once they win and party!

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