Another vision.

Steffy reached Liam via cell on “B&B.” Steve took the blame for Ava’s murder on “Days.” Kiki and Nathan were shot on “GH,” and Adam told Chelsea that Christian had been his son on “Y&R.”

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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Katie denied having a drinking problem to Bill and Brooke. After Katie ordered Brooke away yet again, Bill asked her to go back on anti-depressants. Rick and Maya moved out of the Forrester mansion after Eric agreed with Ridge and insisted Stephanie’s portrait remained on the wall. As Rick, Maya and Nicole moved in with Brooke, Ridge, Caroline and Steffy moved into the Forrester mansion. Caroline brought up Thomas living there too, leaving Ridge open to mending their relationship. Caroline then told Ridge they were having a boy. Quinn was stunned by Wyatt’s appearance at the cabin and admitted to having a man inside. As Quinn deterred Wyatt from spying Liam, Steffy confided in Ridge that she needed to see Liam face-to-face before she could move on. Later, realizing Quinn was behind on her jewelry line, Steffy called her and Liam answered Quinn’s cell! Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps for Deacon’s latest warning and Nicole and Zende’s big decision.

Days of our Lives:
Brady rescued an unconscious Summer from the Malibu beach. After Nicole and Theresa made their presence known, Brady told Summer about Daniel’s accident and learned Daniel believed he and Summer were siblings. Summer explained how her biological mother’s description fit Maggie and how Daniel swabbed her for DNA but she never heard if he ran the test. Kayla punched Ava before Roman ordered JJ to escort her out of Salem. Ava managed to escape JJ and was later found unconscious in Kayla’s house. After Kayla called 911, realizing Ava injected herself with morphine, Ava awoke in the hospital and claimed Kayla tried to kill her. Later, Joey snuck into Ava’s room and smothered her to death. Steve then took the blame for Ava’s murder. Andre hid his ‘kindred spirit’ Chase in a dungeon and insisted what happened with Ciara hadn’t been rape. When Stefano’s body was found during a building excavation, Andre was arrested for his murder. Though Hope privately confessed to Roman that she killed Stefano, she later believed she killed the wrong man. Philip met Deimos and turned over the serum formula, claiming he too wanted to make Victor pay. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to find out what vision Caroline had surrounding Deimos.

General Hospital:
Alexis was surprised to see Sonny at her wedding. Sonny promised he wasn’t there to start any trouble. Paul took the meeting with Dixon at the pier, as Morgan listened from the shadows. Just as Paul received word from Anna that agents were in place, Morgan’s cell vibrated, which made his presence known. Paul convinced Dixon to let Morgan leave, but Morgan planned to protect his father’s territory, aimed a gun at Dixon and fired. Morgan’s shot missed and Dixon got the upper-hand on him. Kiki suddenly appeared, which spooked Dixon who shot her then escaped. Raj, who’d witnessed the exchange from the Haunted Star, tied Lulu up and threw her overboard. As Dante saved Lulu, Dixon rushed into the church just as Julian and Alexis were pronounced husband and wife. Nathan tried to overpower Dixon but ended up shot. Dixon then took aim at Sonny, who stood up in front of everyone and made his move. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to hear how everyone faired after the fallout and what Hayden confessed.

The Young and the Restless:
Nikki overheard Jack confiding in Neil the story of Victor and Marco Anicelli then offered to help Adam gain control over Victor. Victor admitted to Adam he turned Noah in to take away Luca’s leverage against them. At Nikki’s request, as Elise Moxley promised Noah wouldn’t do jail time for hitting Billy, Victor pulled a gun on Luca and ordered him to leave Genoa City or die. Summer overheard Victor’s plans to have Adam escort Luca out of town. Though she tried to help Luca escape the room Victor stashed him in, Adam appeared and stopped him. Later, Summer accused Adam of killing Luca, who soon turned up at her door asking for help. During a power outage, Victoria spied Phyllis in Billy’s arms just as the lights went back on, as Nikki seethed at Victor for what he’d done to Phyllis. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps for Chelsea’s reaction to learning Christian had been Adam’s son, as well as what huge decision Nick and Sage made.

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– Amy Mistretta