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Katie uncovered photos of Bill and Brooke on “B&B.” Chase did the unthinkable to Ciara on “Days.” Sam was presented with a new investigation on “GH,” and Victor pinpointed Noah to Paul as the driver in Billy’s hit and run on “Y&R.” is back with episode highlights from the past week and detailed daily soap opera recaps for those who want a more in-death rundown of their favorite daytime shows.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Quinn quickly backtracked after calling Liam by his real name. Katie and Bill accepted a dinner invite at Brooke’s, who assured Katie she respected Bill as her husband. Though Katie acted as though she could forgive Brooke in time, she was shocked to find a photo album containing pictures of Brooke and Bill. Brooke apologized and again asked for Katie’s forgiveness. Katie continued drinking and reminded Brooke to watch herself around her husband or else! After they left, Bridget visited Brooke and could tell she still loved Bill, who, at home, reassured Katie that she was the only woman for him. He also voiced concerns to Katie over her excessive drinking and later discussed his worries with Brooke behind Katie’s back. However, Katie caught them together. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps for Thomas’ reaction to feeling Caroline’s baby kick and Rick’s reaction to Maya’s portrait being replaced with Stephanie’s, courtesy of Ridge.

Days of our Lives:
Theresa comforted Nicole, who grieved for Daniel, as Brady had another vision of the girl on the beach being at the South Coast psychiatric facility. He flew to California, ran into Rafe’s brother Dario and later spotted Summer, as did Nicole. Elsewhere, while Hope and Rafe worked to set Andre up for Stefano’s disappearance, as well as the robbery at her house, Andre urged Chase to fight for Ciara. Chase found Ciara and insisted she felt the same for him as he did for her. Chase kissed Ciara, who kissed him back but thought better of it. She tried to back away but Chase raped Ciara. As Claire located Shawn and Roman, and revealed that her mother was in possession of the money Sami stole from the DiMeras, Philip went to see his father for forgiveness. Victor agreed to let Philip make up for his betrayal – by spying on Deimos. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to find out how Kayla reacted to seeing the sex video of Ava and Steve.

General Hospital:
Nik called Sam and convinced her to look into Hayden’s past. Elsewhere, Anna did some digging of her own and obtained information on Paul’s daughter Susan from Dillon. After Paul caught her texting Mac about Susan, Anna accused him of killing Kyle. Paul admitted he killed Sloan because he raped Susan. Nathan and Maxie forced Dante and Lulu to discuss their marital problems on Valentine’s Day at the Metro Court. Things weren’t all hearts and roses for Kiki, who caught Morgan kissing Darby. Sonny found out too and fired Morgan. Lulu wanted to give Maxie and Nathan privacy and moved Rocco onto the Haunted Star. She never imaged that agreeing to rent out the boat for a private party would put their lives in danger. As Lulu came face to face with Raj, who ended up holding her at gunpoint, Morgan grabbed a gun and eavesdropped on Paul and Dixon at the pier. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to hear who kept experiencing blackouts, as many gathered for Julian and Alexis’ wedding.

The Young and the Restless:
Victoria accepted Billy’s marriage proposal, as Neil continued drinking and collapsed at the club after witnessing Hilary and Devon kissing. After he assured everyone he was fine and sober, Devon and Hilary went off to make love while Neil set up a press conference and continued to make a fool of himself. He later called Devon out for stealing his wife yet again then landed in the hospital. Luca visited Summer and plied her with champagne. After Summer spoke of Natalie’s top-secret project, Luca informed Adam he wanted the Internet security program. Adam told Victor Noah had teamed up with Luca to bring him down, leading Victor to turn Noah in to Paul as Billy’s hit and run driver. Noah was arrested. Meanwhile, though the case surrounding Dr. Anderson was closed, Sage believed Patty knew more than she was telling and planned to get answers. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps to learn why Ben was told Ashley was pregnant when Abby was the one really carrying his baby.

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– Amy Mistretta