Murder in Genoa City.

Deacon caught Quinn with Liam on “B&B.” A fire erupted at Hope’s house on “Days.” Jason rescued Sam in the nick of time on “GH,” and Nick realized Dr. Anderson’s true identity on “Y&R.”

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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Steffy turned down Wyatt’s proposal, as she needed to see Liam in person before she could truly know they were over and be able to move on. At the cabin, Quinn continued with the charade that she and Liam were married. Liam was confused but comforted Quinn as she opened up about her verbally abusive mother. Later, Deacon arrived and spotted Liam sleeping. He learned Liam had amnesia and believed he was married to Quinn. Deacon handed over annulment papers and warned Quinn’s latest stunt would land her in a padded cell. After Deacon left, Liam awoke and told Quinn he had an unmistakable feeling that someone needed him. Quinn told Liam to rest then called Wyatt and urged him to get Steffy to elope. Noticing Steffy’s voicemails on Liam’s cell, Quinn convinced Liam to record a message then left it on Steffy’s voicemail. Quinn then had sex with Liam. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to hear how Liam’s message led Steffy to have sex with Wyatt and to hear why Caroline was rushed to the hospital.

Days of our Lives:
Rafe warned Andre away from Hope and learned he suspected them of killing Stefano. Andre watched Rafe and Hope via a bug in her home then approached Chase at the park. Chase recalled his father and Hope warning him away from Andre, who related to the boy’s rebellious side. After Andre urged Chase to use him as a sounding board in the future, he handed Chase his bag, which later burst into flames at Hope’s. Joey brought Kayla home, where Steve soon returned and filled Kayla in on Ava’s schemes. Kayla could tell Steve was keeping something from her. Elsewhere, Deimos wasn’t pleased that Philip hadn’t delivered more details on the serum. After Philip warned Kate away from Deimos, he rushed to the mansion. Deimos appeared and revealed Philip’s betrayal. Victor threw Philip out then took steps to eliminate a problem for good. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to find out why Fynn had to file a report at the PD, as many celebrated Valentine’s Day in Salem.

General Hospital:
Dillon refused to forgive Paul for hurting Tracy, as Jordan warned Anna that Paul was snooping around for information on her. Anna paid Paul a visit and played on his emotions by bringing up her faults as a parent, which led him to open up about his own shortcomings. Anna then reported to Mac that Paul had a weak spot, his daughter. Jason rescued Sam from Liz’s basement just as the house exploded. When Jason rushed into the hospital carrying Sam, Liz was stunned to learn she’d been in her basement and relieved when Sam admitted she’d fallen on accident – Jake hadn’t killed her like he claimed. In another area, Griffin called Sonny out for lying about his condition. Nik and Hayden returned from their honeymoon. While Nik dug into his wife’s past, Hayden met with Tracy, who threatened to expose her as Rachel and noted how Hayden had learned well from her father. Hayden warned Tracy never to speak of her father again. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to hear who was summoned to the reading of Helen’s will.

The Young and the Restless:
Adam demanded Noah leave the country so he could rid Newman of Luca. Though Noah told Adam he would, he filled Luca in on Adam’s request and remained an ally to Luca. Over at Newman, Natalie couldn’t deliver a completed internet protocol for Victor and Victoria, leaving them to wonder if she was working with someone else. As Victoria assured Victor it wasn’t Billy, Natalie met with Phyllis and Billy and demonstrated her completed program. Nick visited Sharon and compared notes on Dr. Anderson. After he realized she was Sandra Allen from high school, the girl Victor paid off who ended up paralyzed in the Newman pool, Nick feared for Sage’s life and rushed to Fairview where they found Sandy stabbed to death. Everyone learned Patty stabbed Sandy but no one realized it was over Patty uncovering the doctor’s baby switch secret. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps to learn who hired Summer to keep a watchful eye on a newcomer.

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– Amy Mistretta