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Katie overheard Brooke profess her love to Bill on “B&B.” Steve realized Kayla was in danger on “Days.” Curtis’ connection to TJ was revealed on “GH,” and Phyllis confessed to having kidnapped Adam on “Y&R.” is back with in-depth daily soap opera recaps and excerpts filled with episode highlights from the past week’s soaps.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Quinn kept Liam in her cabin and called Wyatt to advise that he show Steffy he’s an option in Liam’s absence. She then sent Steffy a text via Liam’s cell, reading ‘it’s over’, which sent Steffy into Wyatt’s arms. Quinn was stunned when Liam awoke and had amnesia and only recognized her as the beautiful woman who had taken care of him – his guardian angel. Over at Spencer Publications, Bill and Brooke agreed they couldn’t betray Katie. As Brooke called Bill the love of her life, Katie arrived outside the door and was devastated by the admission. Katie rushed off to another office, downed some booze and had no idea that Bill had professed his love to Brooke too. When Brooke appeared, Katie seethed at her sister for the repeated betrayal and attacked her. Katie wanted Brooke thrown out of Spencer, but Bill refused to ban her from the company. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to learn what Eric had to say to Bill about the situation surrounding Brooke and Katie.

Days of our Lives:
Andre managed to escape death, as the building containing Stefano’s body was blown up, and made his way back to the DiMera mansion via the tunnels. Later, Andre broke into Hope’s house. Meanwhile, Chad learned the bank was about to foreclose on the mansion and worked to convince Abby to make it their home. Steve realized Kayla was missing and found her charm in Ava’s room. After Ava refused Joey’s request to run away with him, she admitted to Steve that she had his wife and vowed only to return her if he found their son. Steve cuffed Ava to a table and was forced to update Joey after a drunken mishap. At the hospital, while Nicole and Brady talked about his dreams, Eric was released and arrested thereafter. Daniel’s loved ones gathered to say a final goodbye, where Brady shared more dreams with Nicole, who realized they reflected the time Daniel and Fynn lived in Malibu. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps for Nicole’s reaction to seeing Eric.

General Hospital:
Jordon and TJ ran into Curtis, who apologized to his nephew for not being there when his father died. After Curtis privately reminded Jordan that TJ was his only connection to his brother, Jordan begged him not to tell TJ ‘the truth’. Nearby at the Metro Court, Dante told Valerie his plans to divorce Lulu, but she wanted nothing to do with him. Elsewhere, while Jason recalled a past memory with Sam, Hayden accepted Nik’s marriage proposal and promptly called Tracy, who ran into Larry Ashton in Mexico. Though Larry claimed he was a changed man and tried to seduce Tracy, she pushed him away, celebrated Hayden’s engagement and anticipated a big payout. At home, Kristina warned her professor via phone to stop calling her and threatened to tell their wife. That didn’t deter the professor, who ended up being a woman, from arriving in Port Charles to confront Kristina. Anna and Robert took off to Canada and ended up arrested while tracking Carlos and Sabrina, who delivered her baby. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to find out what Carly caught Sonny doing.

The Young and the Restless:
Nick and Sage teamed up in order to find out why Dr. Sandy Anderson was so involved in their lives. When Sandy urged Nick to have Sage committed, Sage slapped Nick for show and then hit the doctor. Nick and Sage reiterated their plan then he had her committed. Elsewhere, Adam was returned to his family and reported his kidnapper had been a woman. Meanwhile, Phyllis prevented Natalie from running off and admitted she’d kidnapped Adam. The women agreed to team up against Victor. As Phyllis gushed to Billy that they were on the road to winning, Noah learned Luca and Adam were working together to take down Victor and wanted to help, due to Victor having Marisa kidnapped. Later, Adam was forced to admit to Chelsea that working with Luca was a front – he was really working with Victor to rid Newman of the Santoris. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps to learn what Billy remembered about the night of his hit-and-run and whether or not Neville’s treatment worked on Ashley.

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– Amy Mistretta