“Liam?” – Quinn, BB

Quinn whisked Liam away to a cabin on “B&B.” Victor came face-to-face with his brother Deimos after 30 years on “Days.” Lulu saved Valerie’s life on “GH,” and Adam and Marisa were held captive on “Y&R.”

Things get hectic and plot points are sometimes missed, but Soaps.com has you covered with a quick rundown of what happened on your favorite soaps this past week, as well as in-depth daily soap opera recaps for those who want all the details and watch Cathy Rankin spill a few highlights of each soap on video!

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Bill continued to fantasize about kissing Brooke at work. Sasha visited Julius and ranted about how Nicole got Rick to let her go from Forrester. Julius warned she didn’t have a place there and gave Sasha money to leave Los Angeles. Sasha refused to leave and told Zende what Nicole did. When Zende and Sasha confronted Nicole, she admitted her insecurities and offered to talk to Rick. Elsewhere, Liam remained silent about seeing Steffy in Wyatt’s arms and continued pushing her away. Quinn was ecstatic to learn of their rift. However, when Quinn heard Liam planned to give Steffy a chance to explain she followed Liam out to the parking lot, where he fainted after a dizzy spell. Quinn quickly put Liam in the backseat of his car and took him to a remote cabin. When Steffy texted Liam, Quinn replied from his cell that he wouldn’t be meeting her. Wyatt was there to comfort Steffy. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to learn about a shocking revelation surrounding Deacon.

Days of our Lives:
John confronted his mother in New Orleans and demanded to know who he was. As she sobbed over having had to sell him as a baby, John smelled a drug in his drink and acted as though he’d passed out. A man appeared and John fought and refused to ‘go home’ with Vadim. Though Maude insisted she had no choice but to trick him, John disowned his mother for good. Back in Salem, Roman and Justin released Hope, neither having believed she’d killed Dr. Malcolm, but Andre suspected Hope and Rafe were behind Stefano’s disappearance and later found Stefano’s body. Victor’s brother Deimos, who’d slept with Victor’s fiancée and had been sent to prison for her murder, arrived in Salem. Victor ordered Deimos away and warned Philip not to go near him. Philip and Deimos privately met and discussed the serum. Philip didn’t want to betray Victor, but Deimos threatened to tell Victor damning information about Philip. After Philip and Belle flew to Vegas and had sex, Shawn returned to town, called Belle and said he wanted her back. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to hear about the reemerging bond between Brady and Nicole.

General Hospital:
Kristina admitted to Sam she’d been suspended for offering sex to her professor in exchange for a passing grade. Elsewhere, Jake bashed Sam to Liz and Jason, claiming she was trying to break up their family. After Liz arranged to get Jake a therapist, Sam accused Liz of staging the incidents. As word came that the charges against Jason had been dropped, Nik professed his love to Hayden and proposed. Over at the station, as Dante suspected Johnny and Lulu had set Valerie up, Lulu went to meet Johnny and ended up rescuing Valerie from a burning cabin. When Lulu confirmed she’d worked with Johnny to get Valerie to leave Port Charles, the girls ended up in a slapfest. Dante found the girls and told Lulu he wanted a divorce, as Johnny was caught and faced his crimes at the station. Paul spotted Robert and Anna at the Metro Court and became suspicious of Robert’s presence in town. Robert suggested Anna flirt with Paul for information in order to locate Carlos. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to find out who took issue with Olivia breastfeeding in public, which led to her arrest.

The Young and the Restless:
Victor told Luca his father kidnapped Adam and wanted Marisa in exchange. After Luca refused to turn her over, Victor had Marisa kidnapped. Natalie soon admitted to Victor that she was ‘the girl’ referred to in the ransom note. While Adam and Marisa were tied up in undisclosed locations, Chelsea filed a missing person’s report on Adam and went to Dylan for help. Victor had Marisa released and agreed to work with Dylan to get Adam back. Sharon was upset to learn Paul made Dylan a cop and feared for his safety. Elsewhere, Mariah warned Nick to watch his back around Dr. Anderson. Nick agreed she was overly involved in Sage’s life and later told the doctor so. After Dr. Anderson found out Sage had been digging into her background, she overheard Nick agree with Sage – that something wasn’t right about the doctor. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps to learn what Billy remembered about the night of his hit-and-run.

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– Amy Mistretta