“Happy New Year!” – Johnny Z.

Brooke kissed Bill on “B&B.” Abby realized Chad was her baby’s father on “Days.” Sonny experienced a holiday miracle on “GH,” and Mariah delivered a warning about Dr. Anderson to Sharon on “Y&R.”

It’s a new year and in case you missed any of the past week’s episodes during your holiday celebrations, Soaps.com has highlights, as well as full daily soap opera recaps for all of the current soaps.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Wyatt told Quinn he planned to propose to Ivy then shared the news with Steffy as well. Later, Quinn eavesdropped as Ivy professed her love to Liam and frantically tried to warn her son. After Wyatt summonsed Ivy and Liam to join him and Steffy at the beach house, he proposed to Ivy. Quinn barged in and forced Ivy to admit Wyatt was her second choice. Though she begged Wyatt for another chance, he ordered her to leave. Ivy planned to move back to Australia and went to say goodbye to Liam. Steffy appeared outside the door and only heard the tail-end of their conversation, where Liam expressed his love to Ivy. Over at Spencer Publications, Katie and Bill wanted to cheer a lonely Brooke up and offered her a job at the company. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to learn why Brooke kissed Bill.

Days of our Lives:
Kate threw Theresa and her designs out of Basic Black. After Theresa sobbed on Anne’s shoulder, Brady appeared and professed his love. Nicole stood up for Theresa, ordered Kate to fire her new designer and convinced Theresa to return for the company’s re-launch fashion show. Though there was a bit of drama throughout the night, the show was a success – even Kate applauded Theresa. Abby paid Marlena a visit and confided Chad’s sudden strange behavior, leading Marlena to suggest she hypnotize him again. Elsewhere, Andre continued to brainwash Chad into seducing Belle, who accepted a date to the fashion show with Philip. Abby missed the show, due to Thomas being sick, and a trip to the hospital revealed that Ben wasn’t the father of her baby. Hope took photos of Rafe’s file on Dr. Malcolm and connected Stefano to the nightmare surrounding Bo. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to hear who was involved in a tragic New Year’s Eve accident.

General Hospital:
Robin reunited with many upon her return to Port Charles. After Patrick and Sam said their goodbyes, Robin accepted Patrick’s marriage proposal. While Jason reconnected with Spinelli, Nik and Hayden discussed their next move regarding Jason and ended up telling the police they didn’t remember much from the night Nik went over the ledge. Curtis reported news to Hayden on the bullet that hit her then went off for a battle of words with Jordan. Tracy threw Paul out of the Quartermaine mansion and exposed his dirty deeds to Dillon. Dante met with Sonny, who warned him to buck up and fix the situation with Lulu. Though Valerie wanted to make plans with Dante, he shied away and confessed he’d recently spent time with Lulu. Elsewhere, Lulu and Johnny shared a New Year’s kiss. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to find out who was with Sonny when he moved his leg.

The Young and the Restless:
Adam was irked to find Sage and Nick in a close moment, which heightened his grief over losing Christian. When Dr. Anderson learned about the time Nick and Sage had been spending together, she reminded Nick about Sage’s mental state and urged him to give her space to grieve. All the while, Mariah warned Sharon to get a new doctor and believed Dr. Anderson had some mental issues of her own. She then teamed up with Kevin on a new business venture to end identify thief. Billy agreed to invest two million dollars in Kevin and Mariah’s project then lost money he didn’t have on a bet. After Jack refused to loan him the cash, Billy’s bookie appeared to settle up. Elsewhere, as Marisa confessed to Noah that she’d slept with Luca, Adam and Luca teamed up against Victor. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps to learn what happened after Ashley collapsed during Abby and Ben’s wedding and hear which Genoa City resident ran over Billy.

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– Amy Mistretta