“Do you love Ben?” – Abby to Ashley

A ghost from Julius’ past appeared on “B&B.” Hope was arrested for murder on “Days.” Jordan saw a face from her past on “GH,” and Ben came clean with Abby about Ashley on “Y&R.”

The holidays are almost here and we know how hectic this time of year can be. If you’ve missed any of your favorite soaps Soaps.com has fans covered through our episode highlights and daily soap opera recaps.

Cathy Rankin gives some highlights in this week’s Soaps Roundup!

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Julius was upset to learn Vivienne invited Sasha, Nicole’s friend, to Los Angeles. Though he privately ordered Sasha to return to Illinois, she reminded Julius how she’d kept his secret. Julius warned her not to mention ‘a word to his family’ and told her not to mooch off Nicole, Maya and the Forresters. Nicole appeared and whisked Sasha off to Forrester Creations. When Nicole was called away, Sasha went to try on an original – and Zende spied her in her underwear. Their attraction was apparent and soon both realized the other’s connection to Nicole. Later, Zende and Nicole shared an intimate moment until her pregnancy got in the way. Steffy went to the beach house to try to reason with Ivy, who ended up unconscious again! Liam and Wyatt convinced Lt. Baker not to arrest Steffy. Though Steffy planned to resign from Forrester, Liam vowed to make things right. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to find out under what terms Ivy agreed to drop the restraining order.

Days of our Lives:
Belle filled Brady in on the mess Sami brought upon her then spent some time with Philip. Later, Theresa overheard about the money Belle wanted to get rid of and suggested to Brady and Nicole that they use Belle and the cash to push Kate out of Basic Black. Chad professed his love to Abby then refused Andre, who demanded he seduce Belle to get the DiMera money back from Sami. Later, while Marlena put Chad under hypnosis to remember the night of Ben’s attack, Andre knocked Marlena out and injected Chad with a drug. He brainwashed Chad to leave Abby and to go after Belle. In the warehouse, Hope was forced to turn over details surrounding the serum to an unidentifiable person in exchange for Ciara’s release. Dr. Malcolm was found murdered and Rafe arrested Hope. After Belle got her released on bail, Hope insisted she’d been set up. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to hear what Eduardo confessed to John and how Kayla responded to seeing Ava.

General Hospital:
Johnny found Valerie experiencing car trouble and reported back to Lulu with a plan on how to get revenge on her cousin. Nik became suspicious after finding Hayden with Curtis. Later, after Jason moved out of Liz’s and punched Nik, Curtis managed to retrieve the gun used to shoot Hayden from the PCPD then questioned Jordan about his nephew. Jordan warned him to stay away from TJ. Carly found Liz and lashed out at her for keeping the secret surrounding Jason. Patrick and Emma flew to Paris in search of Robin, as Jerry ordered Robin to be killed. Not long after Anna and Robert met up with Patrick, Robin called to say goodbye then Jerry informed her family she’d been murdered. Back in Port Charles, Paul ordered Carlos to leave town, even after learning Sabrina’s baby was his. Dr. Lee uncovered the truth as well and Michael became suspicious that Sabrina was hiding something. Read our General Hospital daily recaps for all of the excitement as the Nutcracker Gala began.

The Young and the Restless:
Luca learned Noah turned him in to the FBI and warned if Victor didn’t take care of his grandson Luca would. Though Noah didn’t divulge information to the FBI, he convinced Victor and Adam to let him help rid Newman of the Santori family’s hold on them. Elsewhere, while Chelsea was irked over how protective Adam had became of Sage, Ben confessed to Abby that he’d professed his love to Ashley. When Abby confronted Ashley she insisted there was nothing between her and Ben. Later, Ashley collapsed and had a vision of John, who urged her to deal with her health issues. Vikki refused to give Billy another chance, as did Jack who ordered him to clear out of Jabot. Ashley decided to leave as well and stepped down as CEO. When Ashley overheard that Devon planned to finance Dr. Neville’s groundbreaking medical research, she wanted to learn more about it. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps to hear how many years Joe was sentenced to prison.

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– Amy Mistretta